David L. Beck

General President of the Young Men (April 4, 2009 – April 4, 2015)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 2013 General Conference
    • Your Sacred Duty To Minister
      • “That’s what happens when you lose yourself in serving others—you find yourself.”
      • “The scriptures teach that Aaronic Priesthood quorums are to sit in council and edify—or build up and strengthen—one another. You edify as you teach gospel truths, share spiritual experiences, and bear testimony. The youth curriculum encourages these kinds of interactions in quorum meetings, but this can happen only when every member of the quorum feels loved and respected. Mocking and teasing have no place in a quorum meeting—especially when feelings are openly shared. Quorum presidencies must take the lead in ensuring that quorum meetings are a safe place for everyone to participate.”
  • April 2010 General Conference
    • The Magnificent Aaronic Priesthood
      • “When God entrusts you with His sacred priesthood, He shows great confidence in you. He knows He can trust you to use the priesthood to serve others, just as He has trusted other young men to do some of His most important work.”
      • “First you learn about a gospel principle or a priesthood duty. You discover what Heavenly Father wants you to do, and you strive to gain a spiritual witness about why it is important.”
      • “Next you make plans to act on what you have learned. You are encouraged to base your plans on your own needs, circumstances, and opportunities to serve others. This is a wonderful chance to take responsibility for your own growth and develop spiritual self-reliance.”
      • “Then you share what you learn and experience with others. As you do so, you will strengthen your testimony and build faith in those around you. You will increase your ability to talk about the gospel with others.”

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