Ann M. Dibb

Second Counselor in the General Presidency of the Young Women (April 5, 2008 – April 6, 2013)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 2012 General Conference
    • I Know It. I Live It. I Love It.
      • “As members, we are followers of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Such conversion and confidence is the result of diligent and deliberate effort. It is individual. It is the process of a lifetime.”
      • “All truth and knowledge is important, but amidst the constant distractions of our daily lives, we must especially pay attention to increasing our gospel knowledge so we can understand how to apply gospel principles to our lives. As our gospel knowledge increases, we will begin to feel confident in our testimonies and be able to state, “I know it.””
      • “At different times in our lives, whether we are new converts to the Church or lifelong members, we may find that this vibrant enthusiasm has faded. Sometimes this happens when times are challenging and we must practice patience. Sometimes it happens at the peak of our prosperity and abundance. Whenever I have this feeling, I know I need to refocus my efforts on increasing my gospel knowledge and living gospel principles more fully in my life.”
  • October 2009 General Conference
    • Hold On
      • “We may feel as though we are holding on to what may seem to be a one-inch lip of steel girder. Our mortal probation is not easy, and it is not brief.”
      • “Heavenly Father has not left us alone during our mortal probation. He has already given us all the “safety equipment” we will need to successfully return to Him. He has given us personal prayer, the scriptures, living prophets, and the Holy Ghost to guide us. At times, using this equipment may seem cumbersome, awkward, and horribly unfashionable. Its proper use requires our diligence, obedience, and persistence. But I, for one, choose to use it. We must all choose to use it.”

Other Talks

  • March 2013 General Young Women’s Meeting
    • Your Holy Places
      • “I believe any time you have the courage to stand for what is right, especially in situations where no one else is willing to do so, you are creating a holy place.”
      • “He is waiting, ready to buoy you up as you “stand … in holy places, and be not moved.”
  • March 2012 General Young Women’s Meeting
    • Arise and Shine Forth
      • “What do you think of when you hear the word arise? Personally, I think of you—the noble youth of the Church. I picture you diligently arising from your beds each morning for early-morning seminary. I see you faithfully arising from your knees after finishing your daily prayers. I think of you courageously arising to share your testimony and defend your standards. I am inspired by your commitment to the gospel and your good examples. Many of you have already accepted this invitation to arise and shine forth, and your light encourages others to do the same.”
      • “Dear young women, each of you has been born with great potential. You are beloved daughters of Heavenly Father. He knows you and He loves you. He invites you to “arise and shine forth,” and He promises that as you do, He will sustain and bless you.”
  • March 2011 General Young Women’s Meeting
    • I Believe in Being Honest and True
      • “I have a strong testimony of and commitment to the important principles of being honest and being true.”
      • “When we are tempted to be dishonest, and this temptation comes to all of us, we may suppose that no one will ever know. This story reminds us that our Heavenly Father always knows, and we are ultimately accountable to Him.”
  • March 2010 General Young Women’s Meeting
    • Be of a Good Courage
      • “As we wait, we may begin to believe that we have been forsaken or that our prayers were not heard or that possibly we are not worthy to have them answered. This is not true.”
      • “Young women, avoid the temptations that surround you by strictly following the commandments. Look straight ahead at your eternal goal.”
      • “At the moment, these four guides—prayer, obedience to God’s commandments, daily scripture study, and a commitment to follow the living prophet—may seem like small and simple things. Let me remind you of the scripture found in Alma: “Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass” (Alma 37:6). When applied in our everyday lives, these four “small and simple” guides from the book of Joshua will combine to provide the most powerful source of courage and strength there is: faith in our Heavenly Father and in His Son, Jesus Christ.”
  • March 2009 General Young Women’s Meeting
    • Be Thou an Example of the Believers
      • “Thinking back to when I was a young woman, I recognize that I did not understand the magnitude of what was happening in my life. I did not realize that my participation in each and every Church activity was helping me develop a lifelong pattern and commitment to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. I didn’t understand that I was being prepared for my future life as an individual, a wife, a mother, and a leader. I didn’t understand that as I tried to choose the right, I was honoring my baptismal covenants, exercising faith, increasing my virtue, and preparing to go to the temple. I couldn’t see all of this then, but in very small, incremental steps, I was becoming a believer—and “an example of the believers.””
      • “Living each day as “an example of the believers” will help you to be happy and more confident. It will strengthen your testimony, help you to keep your baptismal covenants, and prepare you to receive the blessings of the temple so that eventually you can return to your Heavenly Father.”

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