Bruce D. Porter

First Quorum of the Seventy (April 5, 2003 – December 29, 2016)

Second Quorum of the Seventy (April 1, 1995 – April 5, 2003)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 2013 General Conference
    • Beautiful Mornings
      • “We live today in an era of turbulence and uncertainty, a time the Lord prophesied to Enoch would be marked by “days of wickedness and vengeance” (Moses 7:60). Tribulation and difficult times may lie ahead, yet we too have cause for good cheer and rejoicing, for we live in the last dispensation, when God has restored His Church and kingdom to the earth in preparation for the return of His Son.”
      • “Brothers and sisters, we need not fear the future, nor falter in hope and good cheer, because God is with us. Among the first recorded words of counsel that Jesus gave to His newly called disciples in Galilee was the two-word admonition, “Fear not” (Luke 5:10).”
      • “The Church stands as a bulwark of safety for its members. Though conditions in the world may become very vexing at times, faithful Latter-day Saints will find sanctuary in the stakes of Zion. The Lord has decreed that the stone cut out of the mountain without hands shall roll forth until it has filled the whole earth (see Daniel 2:31–45; D&C 65:2). And no human power can stay its course, for God is the author of this work and Jesus Christ is the chief cornerstone.”
  • October 2007 General Conference
    • A Broken Heart and a Contrite Spirit
      • “As in all things, the Savior’s life offers us the perfect example: though Jesus of Nazareth was utterly without sin, He walked through life with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, as manifested by His submission to the will of the Father.”
      • “Those who have a broken heart and a contrite spirit are willing to do anything and everything that God asks of them, without resistance or resentment. We cease doing things our way and learn to do them God’s way instead.”
      • “When we have received a forgiveness of sins, a broken heart serves as a divine shield against temptation.”
  • April 2001 General Conference
    • Building the Kingdom
      • “What was taking place in Primary that day was a small part of a divinely revealed plan for the salvation of a fallen world.”
      • “We do not have to be called to serve far from home, nor do we have to hold a prominent place in the Church or in the world to build up the Lord’s kingdom. We build it in our own hearts as we cultivate the Spirit of God in our lives. We build it within our families by instilling faith in our children. And we build it through the organization of the Church as we magnify our callings and share the gospel with neighbors and friends.”
      • “As fathers and mothers teach their children the eternal truths once taught to them, they pass on the torch of truth to yet another generation, and the kingdom waxes stronger.”
  • October 1995 General Conference
    • Redeemer of Israel
      • “I testify that the eldest son of our Father in Heaven did redeem us from the bondage of sin. We are a purchased people.”
      • “Instead of worldly station, he chose to be born in a lowly stable and live the simple life of a carpenter. He grew up in an obscure village in a despised precinct of Palestine.”
      • “And I began to weep as I contemplated the perfect life and glorious sacrifice of the Redeemer of Israel—he who was born the friend of the lowly and hope of the meek.”

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