Larry M. Gibson

First Counselor in the General Presidency of the Young Men (April 4, 2009 – April 4, 2015)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 2015 General Conference
    • Fatherhood—Our Eternal Destiny
      • “Should we not, then, develop a clear vision of our eternal destiny, particularly the one that Heavenly Father wants us to achieve—eternal fatherhood? Let our eternal destiny drive all of our decisions. Regardless of how difficult those decisions may be, Father will sustain us.”
      • “Fulfilling your Aaronic Priesthood duties is preparing you young men for fatherhood. The Duty to God resource can help you learn about and make specific plans to fulfill your duties. It can serve as a guide and assistance as you seek Heavenly Father’s will and set goals to accomplish it.”
  • April 2011 General Conference
    • Sacred Keys of the Aaronic Priesthood
      • “Service is the very foundation of the priesthood—service to others as exemplified by the Savior. I testify that it is His priesthood, we are on His errand, and He has shown all priesthood holders the way of faithful priesthood service.”

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