Kent F. Richards

Second Quorum of the Seventy (April 4, 2009 – October 1, 2016)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 2016 General Conference
    • The Power of Godliness
      • “Surely, today in these trying times, each of us and our families need the temple more than anything else.”
      • “As we feel the blessings of the temple in our own lives, our hearts turn to our families, both living and dead.”
      • “We receive the ordinances in their behalf, but they make and are held accountable for each covenant associated with each ordinance. Surely, the veil is thin for us and parts completely for them in the temple.”
      • “Come to the temple. Come often. Come with and for your family. Come, and help others to come too.”
  • April 2011 General Conference
    • The Atonement Covers All Pain
      • “There is another kind of pain for which we are responsible. Spiritual pain lies deep within our souls and can feel unquenchable, even as being racked with an“inexpressible horror,” as Alma described. It comes from our sinful actions and lack of repentance. For this pain too there is a cure that is universal and absolute. It is from the Father, through the Son, and it is for each of us who is willing to do all that is necessary to repent. Christ said, “Will ye not now return unto me … and be converted, that I may heal you?”
      • “Our great personal challenge in mortality is to become “a saint through the atonement of Christ.” The pain you and I experience may be where this process is most measured. In extremity, we can become as children in our hearts, humble ourselves, and “pray and work and wait” patiently for the healing of our bodies and our souls.”

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