Gerrit W. Gong

Presidency of the Seventy (October 4, 2015 – Present)
First Quorum of the Seventy (April 3, 2010 – Present)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 2016 General Conference
    • Always Remember Him
      • “We can always remember Him by having confidence in His covenants, promises, and assurances.”
      • “We can always remember Him by gratefully acknowledging His hand throughout our lives.”
      • “We can always remember Him by trusting when the Lord assures us, “He who has repented of his sins, the same is forgiven, and I, the Lord, remember them no more.””
      • “If we have unkind feelings, grudges, or resentments or if we have cause to ask forgiveness of others, now is the time to do so.”
      • “He invites us to remember that He is always welcoming us home.”
      • “We can always remember Him on the Sabbath through the sacrament.”
      • “Our Savior invites us to always remember Him as He always remembers us.”
  • October 2010 General Conference
    • Temple Mirrors of Eternity: A Testimony of Family
      • “In temple mirrors of eternity, I began to understand my wife and myself as children of our parents and parents to our children, as grandchildren of our grandparents and grandparents to our grandchildren. Mortality’s great lessons distill upon our souls as we learn and teach in eternal roles, including child and parent, parent and child.”
      • “A miracle of the images we discern in temple mirrors of eternity is that they—we—can change. When Jean and Walter Gong entered the new and everlasting covenant, they opened the way for ancestors (such as First Dragon Gong) to be sealed and for posterity to be born in the covenant. Please remember: as we reach out to each sister or brother, we bless generations.”

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