Jose A. Teixeira

First Quorum of the Seventy (April 5, 2008 – present)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 2015 General Conference
    • Seeking the Lord
      • “The more we understand the extraordinary role of Christ in our lives, the more conscious we become of our purpose here in mortality, which is to have joy. That joy, however, does not preclude us from experiencing trials and difficulties, even some so great and complex that they may lead us to think that happiness is not possible in such circumstances.”
      • “I believe that as we deepen our understanding of the Savior, we will have an increased desire to live joyfully and a conviction that joy is possible. Consequently, we will have a greater ability to go about each day with more enthusiasm for life and for keeping the commandments of God, even in challenging circumstances.”
      • “Every day we should consider including frequent interactions with the teachings of Christ.”
      • “The choices and priorities we make with our time online are decisive. They can determine our spiritual progress and maturity in the gospel and our desire to contribute to a better world and to live a more productive life.”
  • April 2009 General Conference
    • Gifts to Help Us Navigate Our Life
      • “Choices have consequences attached, which may or may not be manifested immediately after our decisions. Using the spiritual gifts we have been given is paramount in order to remain on the right course.”

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