Richard G. Hinckley

First Quorum of the Seventy (April 2, 2005 – October 1, 2011)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 2006 General Conference
    • Repentance, a Blessing of Membership
      • “I do not know what to say of my father that would not embarrass him, except that I love him and that I sustain him. At the risk of being too personal, I will say that as I watch him grow older, my mind goes back to days when we were little children, when he would lie on the floor and wrestle and play with us and lift us in his arms and hug us and tickle us, or pull us up into bed with Mother and him when we were sick or frightened in the night. My memories of him will ever be of laughter and love, of steadiness, of testimony, of relentless hard work, of faith and fidelity. He is kind and wise, and I am blessed beyond measure that I not only sustain him as my prophet for this season of mortality but that I also claim him as my father now and throughout all eternity.”
      • “When we acknowledge our sins, confess them and forsake them, and turn to God, He will forgive us.”

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