Jay E. Jensen

Presidency of the Seventy (August 1, 2008 – August 1, 2012)

First Quorum of the Seventy (April 1, 1995 – October 6, 2012)

Second Quorum of the Seventy (June 6, 1992 – April 1, 1995)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 2010 General Conference
    • The Holy Ghost and Revelation
      • “That same gift of revelation has influenced my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I have read, studied, searched, and feasted upon it again and again. The Holy Ghost has revealed to me its truth and divinity.”
      • “As Latter-day Saints, we have testimonies of the Book of Mormon given to us by revelation, assuring us that this religion and its doctrines are true (see introduction to the Book of Mormon).”
  • October 2008 General Conference
    • Arms of Safety
      • “As I have pondered how to effectively teach the Atonement to others, the phrase “arms of safety” has been useful. When we were baptized and received the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands, we received two ordinances that introduce us to the arms of safety. By coming humbly and fully repentant to sacrament meeting and worthily partaking of the sacrament, we may feel those arms again and again.”
      • “To help members more fully receive that cleansing, or the arms of safety, those who hold keys to authorize and those who administer the sacrament should ensure that general guidelines in Church handbooks concerning the preparation, blessing, and passing of the sacrament are followed. Each priesthood holder should remember that he is acting on behalf of the Lord and be reverent and dignified. Generally speaking, our youth are exemplary. However, in the administration of the sacrament, occasionally we see a disturbing drift towards too much informality and casualness in dress and appearance.”
  • April 2007 General Conference
    • The Nourishing Power of Hymns
      • “I believe that many of our Saints experience this again and again. Hymns play an essential role in spirituality, revelation, and conversion.”
      • “Music in Church meetings and classes should facilitate a spirit of worship, revelation, and testimony. For sacrament meetings, the bishopric or branch presidency is responsible to select or approve music. They ensure that the music, the words, and the musical instruments are sacred, dignified, and will promote worship and revelation. Music becomes a performance when it brings attention to itself. Years ago, I was responsible for the music in a meeting where a special musical number was a performance. It was a disappointment. The spirit of worship was diminished.”
      • “The words reverence and revelation are like twins who like each other’s company.”
  • April 2000 General Conference
    • Keep an Eternal Perspective
      • “When we understand the great plan of happiness, we are gaining an eternal perspective, and the commandments, ordinances, covenants, and the experiences, trials, and tribulations can be seen in their true and eternal light.”
      • “Many hymns reveal the doctrines of the great plan of redemption. Some hymns came as a result of great sacrifice, the ultimate being death, and they communicate a spirit of holiness and consecration to lead us to conversion to the Father and His plan.”
  • October 1992 General Conference
    • “Remember Also the Promises”
      • “The surprising discovery was that most promises that come to us for reading and studying the scriptures pertain to mortality. Three categories of promises to consider are promises of power, promises of increase, and “other promises.” Time will permit me to cite but a few of these.”

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