Robert R. Steuer

Second Quorum of the Seventy (March 31, 2001 – October 4, 2008)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 2008 General Conference
    • The Power of Light and Truth
      • “Gain pure testimony. This testimony is the confirmation by the Holy Ghost that God is our Father and Jesus is the Christ. The light and truth we see in all things urge us to obtain knowledge by study and by faith, which precedes the confirmation by the Spirit.
  • April 2002 General Conference
    • Being Teachable
      • “How do we ignite this power of divine instruction in our lives? First, we need to start with a willingness to be instructed. While many naturally hunger and thirst after righteousness, others may be compelled to be humble.”
      • “Becoming teachable is a process of learning line upon line. In this process we convert thoughts and feelings into actions. But what a reward for this exercise of our faith as we open the path of communication with the Lord.”
      • “As a result of being teachable, we gain an even greater testimony of our Heavenly Father’s care for us. We gain the security and certainty that our course in life is according to His will. We even have reasons to be good, reasons to be moral, and reasons to change our behavior. By being teachable, we activate the full force and blessings of the Atonement in our lives. We become sensitive to the whisperings of the Holy Spirit so that the righteous principles taught by the prophets and the truths from the earth can place Christ deeply into our lives. We become His true disciples.”

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