Kenneth Johnson

First Quorum of the Seventy (3 April 1993 – 2 October 2010)

Second Quorum of the Seventy (31 March 1990 – 3 April 1993)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 2008 General Conference
    • Restoring Faith in the Family
      • “One thing that becomes clear to the enlightened mind is that there are laws that keep life and living things in balance. Discovering the laws of physics and complying with them brings progress, enabling man to rise to higher levels of attainment than would otherwise be possible.
      • “I believe that this premise also applies to ethical standards and moral values. It is, therefore, our responsibility to safeguard the home as a center of learning where these virtues can be instilled in an atmosphere of love and through the power of example.”
      • “Scientists gain their knowledge mainly through research, conducting experiments, and the application of intellect.”
      • “Disciples of Christ receive their witness by studying His words, observing His works, putting gospel principles into practice, and receiving the spirit of inspiration.”
  • October 2002 General Conference
    • Yielding to the Enticings of the Holy Spirit
      • “Physical barriers and external forces may prevent us from pursuing deviant paths, but there is also a feeling within each of us, sometimes described as a still, small voice, that when recognized and responded to will keep us from succumbing to temptation.”
      • “These stirrings within us originate from a divine source and, when followed, will help to keep us on course, thus protecting us from harmful influences and dangerous detours.”
  • April 1994 General Conference
    • We All Have a Father in Whom We Can Trust
      • “How like the association we have with our Heavenly Father, believing at times that the service we engage in is for his benefit, when in reality it is comparable with my handing tools to my father. It is the relationship that develops that is of greater significance more than the contribution we make.”
      • “We should always remember that regardless of our circumstances, we all have a Father in whom we can trust and to whom we can turn for comfort and counsel. He is our Heavenly Father.”
  • April 1990 General Conference
    • The Motorcycle Ride
      • “Young men, make sure that every invitation you extend and every invitation you receive is an invitation to come unto Christ.”

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