Harold G. Hillam

Presidency of the Seventy (August 15, 1995 – August 15, 2000)

First Quorum of the Seventy (April 6, 1991 – October 1, 2005)

Second Quorum of the Seventy (March 31, 1990 – April 6, 1991)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 2005 General Conference
    • The Worth of Souls
      • “To all, but especially to those who some day will be great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers, your eternal blessings and those of your posterity are far more important than any prideful reason which would deny you and so many others of such important blessings. “
  • April 2000 General Conference
    • Future Leaders
      • “The first essential lesson is to develop a sense of respect for things that are sacred and a respect for other people, especially your elders.”
      • “You will need to recognize and value all that the Lord has revealed as being sacred. One of the most significant is the sacred nature of your own body.”
      • “The second essential lesson is to learn the commandments and obey them because you choose to.”
      • “You need to keep your minds clean so you can recognize and respond to the quiet whisperings of the Spirit. Select with care the information you allow to enter your mind. Avoid the cluttered clamor of the world.”
      • “A third essential lesson is to develop a love for the Savior. Knowing about the Savior is a natural part of our religious education. Knowing the Savior requires personal obedience, prayer, a closeness to the Spirit, and revelation.”
  • October 1997 General Conference
    • Teachers, the Timeless Key
      • “Indeed, we have been blessed with magnificent tools and methods which can be used to assist in teaching, but as with all tools, they are to be used with wisdom and discretion if they are to bless and simplify our lives. Just as fire under control brings so many comforts and benefits, a fire improperly used or out of control wreaks havoc and destruction.”
      • “Perhaps every person who is listening might also ask these questions of himself or herself and expect an honest reply: “Is the information I am receiving from this tool of learning edifying, and adding truth into my life? Are the hours I am investing an effective use of my valuable time? Does this computer game assist me in fulfilling my responsibilities and goals?” If the answer is not a resounding yes, then we should have the courage and determination to click the off button and direct our lives to more important tasks.”
      • “Leaders, parents, and called teachers have the specific responsibility to constantly improve their teaching abilities so they can prepare, train, and edify those who fall within their stewardship.”
      • “Technology will surely advance and methods will certainly change, but the personal touch by a dedicated, loving teacher who radiates the Spirit is the key to filling the desire of the writers of this 1899 document, which was to teach the children, and others, the “principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; to make Latter-day Saints of them.””
  • October 1995 General Conference
    • Sacrifice in the Service
      • “The sacrifice I would like to speak to you about is the sacrifice that accompanies missionary service. Since the beginning of time our Heavenly Father has called worthy servants to go into the world to proclaim the gospel and to testify of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Many of those who have fulfilled their callings have done so with considerable sacrifice.”
      • “Why have these great missionaries and others like them been willing to sacrifice the comforts of home, family, loved ones, and sweethearts to answer the call to serve? It’s because they have a testimony of Jesus Christ. And when they know Him there is no bed too short or too hard, no climate too hot or too cold, no food too different or language so strange that they are unwilling to serve Him. No sacrifice is too great to serve the Master, who sacrificed His all to provide the way for His brothers and sisters to return home to their Heavenly Father. And because they are faithful to their callings, thousands will revere their names throughout the eternities.”
  • October 1990 General Conference
    • No More Strangers and Foreigners
      • “And to all of us—those of us who are members of the Church, could I just counsel with you for a moment? Do you have anyone that you know who might be as our little shoeshine man, who is alone—alone in this great crowd of people—that could use your special love and caring and concern? Could you take a moment and let such people know how much you love them?”

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