Gayle M. Clegg

Second Counselor in the Primary General Presidency (April 3, 1999 – April 2, 2005)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 2004 General Conference
    • The Finished Story
      • “Most remarkably, his heartache over the burial of his sweetheart and son gave birth to our family’s legacy of moving forward, of finishing.”
      • “It is not the magnitude of the responsibility but rather how it feels to be the one in the middle of the unfinished task.”
      • “What did we learn from this task? The same lesson Henry Clegg Jr. and Jimmy learned and the same thing all faithful modern-day pioneers are learning. With the Lord, nothing is impossible (see Luke 1:37), but we each have to finish our own story. He sends His Spirit, we call out encouragement to each other, but we have to keep writing, keep walking, keep serving and accepting new challenges to the end of our own story. “Still walking” is the fundamental requirement in the journey of life. He wants us to finish well. He wants us to come back to Him.”
  • April 2002 General Conference
    • The Language of Love
      • “Each of us, like my six-year-old daughter, have felt lost or alienated in a foreign land. Perhaps your foreign land was learning the language of algebra or chemistry. Maybe you thought you had come to a foreign shore when you joined the Church, even if you joined in your native country. Put yourself in the place of a new convert. Words like calling, Presiding Bishopric, even General Authority require a glossary entry.”
      • “Someday we will all be given final report cards. Maybe we will be graded on how well we have reported each other’s goodness. Every child needs regular reports affirming, “You are known. You are valued. You have potential. You are good.””
      • “A smiling countenance says you are good. Children are trying to be like Jesus. They want to be like someone who smiles. They want to be with someone who responds to them joyfully.”

Other Talks

  • April 2003 General Primary Meeting
    • The Light of His Love
      • “The night I was sleepwalking in my basement and woke up frightened, I was right beside my sister all the time. She was fine, but I needed someone to help me find the light.”
      • “This happens to all of us. The wonder of it is not that we have different experiences but that Heavenly Father understands us individually. He knows how to love each of us in the way we most need it. Sometimes we feel His love through our parents, teachers, and friends. Sometimes we feel His love through the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Sometimes we feel His love through music and hugs, through scriptures and prayers. He can encircle us in His light when we need it, because we are His children.”

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