Han In Sang

Second Quorum of the Seventy (June 6, 1991 – October 6, 1996)

General Conference Addresses

  •  April 1992 General Conference
    • Take Up His Cross
      • “I am grateful for my good parents and for their special love and wonderful influence on my life. I am also deeply grateful to Dr. Kim Ho Jik, the first Korean Latter-day Saint, the most humble and unselfish person I have ever known. This great man led the handful of poverty-stricken young Korean Saints during the time of tribulation to lay the foundation of the work of the Lord in the land of morning calm, Korea, by preparing those seemingly helpless individuals to learn the gospel of Jesus Christ and to stand firm for the cause of the Lord.”
      • “His love of God and his love for me formulated many miracles in my life.”
      • “Only the love of God will cure many diseases and problems of the world, including the disease of inactivity in the Church.”

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