Albert E. Bowen

Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (April 8, 1937 – July 15, 1953)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 1937 General Conference
    • Our Heritage
      • “Our fathers themselves had left behind them houses and lands when they came here. None of these could they bring. But what mattered that? They did bring with them the faith and the spirit and the power and the will and the purpose to subdue other lands, and to build new houses, to raise up other communities and to devise other means of supplying physical needs. These qualities of heart and soul could not be taken from them; they were beyond the grasp of the despoiler. They were the veritable treasures of heaven which thieves could not break through nor steal, and which, if incorporated into life, could never be corrupted by moth nor rust.”
      • “On this foundation principle they built. By adherence to it they triumphed. They recognized that no enduring society was ever founded on the basis of physical comfort, but that, paradoxical as it may seem, the supposedly nebulous, intangible spiritual things constitute the only solid foundation on which to build. They had the depth of conviction which gave them the courage to choose the spiritual and to make it the chief stone of the corner upon which to rear their commonwealth.”
      • “Mastery of natural forces can be achieved only by understanding and observing the laws by which they are governed. It is fair to conclude that spiritual and mental growth can be attained only by obedience to the laws on which they are predicated.”
      • “Only the individual himself can develop his bodily or mental or spiritual powers. No one else may do either for him.”
      • “Spirituality may not be defined. It may only be illustrated. It is a quality that exhibits itself in the poise and serenity of those who possess it. It reveals itself in those moments of high exaltation when a man’s soul soars high above material things and wings its way into the realm of the infinite. It is that in man which gives him kingship over himself and makes him aware of his kinship with God.”
  • April 1937 General Conference
    • A New Calling
      • “The only thing in the world that counts is people. When the creation of the world was finished, as the last and crowning act God made man to dwell in it, and he gave to him for his use everything that was created, and told him that he might exercise dominion over the earth. In all of his ministry Jesus was concerned only with people; nothing else mattered.”
      • “Whatever our position may be, in whatever sphere we labor, we are all dedicated to the business of ministering to the welfare of people, trying to make mankind rise to the stature of his destiny. That is the province of the teacher, and every man in this Church is a teacher.”
      • “We need the power to lead men up to high eminences from which they may see the world, their own positions in it, and the destinies that await them if they order their lives aright. If anything is needed more than anything else now it is a voice issuing as from the top of a high mountain, lifting men’s visions to the high level whence it comes, and revealing to them what there is in the world and what they may do in the exercise of their prerogatives and rights in accomplishing the world’s work. And if we be what we have pretended so long we are, then we have that kind of voice. It behooves us only to learn to hear and understand it, and govern our walk and conduct by its teachings.”

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