Charles A. Callis

Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (October 12, 1933 – January 21, 1947)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 1942 General Conference
    • An Humble and Contrite Heart
      • “I interpret humility as being strength. Humility expresses itself in lowly service, in volunteering for any service which will ameliorate the conditions, particularly the spiritual conditions of mankind. Humility does not mean to grovel, to be a sycophant. Humility is inward strength outwardly expressed in good works. Great souls attain to humility.”
      • “That is the spirit that should characterize the holy Priesthood. If we work in humility, become little in our own sight, more than we are now, and seek the good of others I testify to you that there will be added power to our labors, and sinners will be brought unto Him.”
  • April 1935 General Conference
    • War
      • “Better a little learning with God than much learning without him. To be learned is good, the Book of Mormon admonishes us, if we obey the counsels of God.”
      • “The world is an armed camp. It seems to be the time when kings desire to go forth to war. Their words, as the Bible says “are as smooth as butter” but deep down in their hearts there is war. Only the grace of God can save the world from a cataclysm that threatens to destroy civilization and bring despair to humanity. God grant that the statesmen in the nations who are pleading and working for peace shall have the power of God to be with them so that by their labors distress, agitation, disrespect for law and desire for war shall fade out of the minds of men.”
      • “Why will not the people of the world engage in national and international repentance and humiliation? God is not responsible for our calamities. He has pointed out the means of escape. If we will turn our faces towards him and repent this depression will vanish like magic. Let the spirit of the Prince of Peace be firmly fixed in the councils of the nations and observed; then all talk about war will cease, and nations shall no longer learn war for their “swords shall be beaten into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.””
      • “You fathers and mothers are not living for yourselves any longer; you are living for your children. Then express in good deeds, in the making of good laws your desire to have your children protected by every safeguard, and ere long the Millennium, whose sun is already brightening the hills of coming time, will dawn upon us and peace and joy shall be in every heart, and the Redeemer shall reign from the rivers to the ends of the earth.”
  • October 1934 General Conference
    • The Scriptures
      • “In some of the current literature there is manifested a spirit to make light of, belittle and even ridicule the holy scriptures. The Bible is undervalued. Slurs are cast upon the inspiration of the word of God. But it is heartening to know that the eclipse of faith is not total. The people generally are not underestimating or undervaluing the scriptures—those true riches given to mankind. God has not left himself without witness.”
      • “God has not and never will leave himself without witness. Dust storms of criticism may arise and meteors may fall about us, but the grand constellations in God’s heavens, displaying his power, still burn there, a perpetual witness to every soul beneath the spangled heavens that Jesus is divine. In the lives of men whom we love for their uprightness, the ideals of the Savior are finding expression. More men and women, and they would be the best of Adam’s race, would die for the Son of God, who gave all for us, than for any other cause under the spacious firmament.”
  • April 1934 General Conference
    • Two Great Prophets
      • “Joseph Smith was an inspirer of souls. He said he did nothing but what the ancient prophets said he would do. He was a fulfiller of Bible prophecy. Consider some of the prophecies which he uttered : The exodus of the Saints to the Rocky Mountains, where they would become a great and a mighty people; his prediction of the Civil War, twenty eight years before it occurred—and only a month before that bloody conflict, statesmen were saying, “Peace, peace, there will be no war.” But the God of heaven had spoken and desolation swept over the land. Oh, if those statesmen had only heeded the words, if they had only accepted the remedy, the solution which the great statesman-prophet, Joseph Smith, gave to them, a million lives would have been spared and eight billions of dollars in property would not have been destroyed!”
      • “President Grant has always sounded the Gospel trumpet with no uncertain sound, so that the children of men could prepare themselves for the battle.”
  • October 1933 General Conference
    • A New Call
      • “The first miraculous manifestation I received when I was a youth was through President Heber J. Grant when he delivered a sermon in Coalville in the Summit Stake of Zion. The President, whom I dearly love, has always made a profound impression upon me in my life. I love all of the General Authorities of the Church. I know that they are men of God. I know, too, as sure as I stand here that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God. I know by the same power that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. I am in absolute harmony with all that the General Authorities of the Church have done.”

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