Joseph F. Merrill

Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (October 8, 1931 – February 3, 1952)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 1931 General Conference
    • Service in the Kingdom
      • “My experience has taught me from my boyhood, that service in this Church cannot be acceptably rendered except with the help of the Spirit of the Lord, and that this Spirit is given only to the worthy. All my life I have been taught that the Lord helps him who helps himself. Inasmuch as he has given us intelligence he expects us, when any duty is assigned us, to do the very best we can to discharge that duty, seeking his help in the meantime. I believe that my experience teaches me also that that help may not be received, no matter how fervent the prayer, unless the prayer is worthily made. That is to say, I must work if I am going to succeed. I must pray, if I am going to succeed. All my life I have been taught, and I have experienced the fact, that the Lord does answer the prayer of the worthy. Whenever I have prayed worthily I have never been disappointed. So I believe in prayer. I know that prayer is a source of strength and of help. I have proved this many, many times.”
      • “I spoke of being nominated by the First Presidency and the Council of Twelve. I would not have you think for a moment, my brethren and sisters, that this is all there is to it. If this were an honor given by men only I would not feel so much overwhelmed by it. But it is an honor that comes from God. These brethren are only his agents, his instruments in the call that has come to me.”

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