Sylvester Q. Cannon

Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (October 6, 1939 – May 29, 1943)
Associate to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (April 14, 1938 – October 6, 1939)
Presiding Bishop (June 4, 1925 – April 6, 1938)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 1928 General Conference
    • Selfishness
      • “I appreciate the fact that this life is a life of progression, of improvement, of learning, and of the application of that learning to the problems of life and to the bettering of conditions among humanity.”
      • “I think that one of the most objectionable conditions which prevails in the world today is that of selfishness and greed. It has caused more hatred, strife, bitterness and warfare among men than almost any other thing, so far as my understanding goes. Even today in this nation we are experiencing evidences of such conditions and actions on the part of men in endeavoring to build up their own fortunes at the expense of the welfare of the community. The people of the nation are aroused, I think, to a certain extent at least, to an appreciation of the seriousness of this condition. Prosperity tends very often to lead men away from a spirit of unselfishness. As they acquire means they tend to become, very often, greedy and selfish, and concerned only with their own welfare. I believe it was the Apostle Paul who said that the love of money is the root of all evil. Surely, when men set their hearts and their minds solely to the acquirement of wealth, there is great danger of their losing the perspective of things that are more important in life.”
  • October 1927 General Conference
    • Character and Integrity
      • “In my own experience in the gospel of Jesus Christ, I know that the Lord has power to and does change men’s hearts and their desires and determination when they are much older. This occurs when they are brought to a condition of repentance, through an understanding of the fact that the things they are doing are not in conformity with his laws. No matter what their age may be they can repent and change entirely their habits and course of action, and their desires and determination.”
      • “It being the case that character and integrity are recognized generally as a prime requisite to supcess and progress, I am sure that the principles of the gospel which we have espoused, if they were observed by the people of the world generally, would develop these very qualities in them. I appreciate the fact that olbedience to the principles of the gospel requires will power, and will power is developed through integrity. So that, in a sense, the observance of these principles requires integrity, and also produces integrity. That is true with regard to every principle of the gospel.”
      • “Those who do use tobacco are weakened thereby, and any success they enjoy is in spite of the fscct that they use it. This is just as true of the use of liquor and narcotics, which injuriously affect the moral stamina as well as the physical body.”
      • “This principle, drawing one to the Lord in humility, and in faith, asking him for the things we desire, and giving him gratitude and praise for his blessings to us, is a source of strength and power that will enable us to overcome our weaknesses, and develop in us faith and determination to do right.”
  • April 1927 General Conference
    • Enduring for Truth
      • “What is truth? We are told that it is the knowledge of things that have been, that are. and that are to be. The Latter-day Saints have accepted this gospel which we understand to be the truth. When the missionaries go out into the world to preach the gospel, they present these things which they declare have come from the Lord; and those to whom the message comes are invited to investigate carefully, to compare these things with those which were declared by Jesus and by his apostles, and with those things that are contained in the scriptures from the very beginning.”
      • “The Latter-day Saints have always undertaken to maintain a spirit of kindness and patience, endeavoring to promulgate the truth because they love it, and because they recognize it as a pearl of great price. Yet many people who ought to be willing to accept the gospel and receive the benefits and blessings which come from it, have opposed it and have undertaken to persecute those who i have accepted it. The result was that in Kirtland there came a time when there were very dark days for the Church. There were those who, because of persecution, could not stand, nor retain their love of the truth. They were affected more by the persecution of men, and they fell away from the truth. This did not change or alter the truth itself, but it did affect their standing and blessings which they would have been entitled to receive if they had retained their courage and faith in the gospel.”
      • “The gospel is a great ideal, a great set of principles, that makes for growth and development, for happiness and peace. It will prevail and triumph, whether or not any of us, individually, shall be able to endure in faith.”
  • October 1926 General Conference
    • The Restoration
      • “There were many such people who were looking forward to the time wheii the fulness of truth should be restored. And so when the gospel came and missionaries were sent out to various parts of the world, there were, such as in England, communities or congregations of people who were prepared to receive the truth in its fulness, I rejoice in the fact that this divine authority, the Priesthood of the Son of God, has been restored; whereby every man who is prepared and is worthy, who seeks to live in accordance with the principles of the gospel, may have the privilege of receiving this power and of laboring for the welfare of the Church, for the spread of the gospel, for the bringing together of all things in Christ, and for the accomplishment of his purposes.”
      • “The Lord can give unto us light only as we will receive it. Only as we open the windows and doors of our houses can the sunlight enter in and cleanse and strengthen and bring life and light to that house and overcome unhealthfulness. And so only as we open the windows and doors of our souls to the holy Spirit can truth enter in and strengthen and develop us and make us more healthy spiritually. This is the message which the authorities of this Church have had and have today to bring to the people everywhere, not only to the Latter-day Saints; primarily, of course, to them, but to all mankind: That if they will resist and overcome evil and temptation, if they will accept and obey this gospel, they shall grow in the knowledge of the truth, they shall develop those qualities that will make them better men and women, they shall increase in the spirit of love for their fellowmen, they shall enjoy true happiness, and be prepared to meet the Lord.”
  • April 1926 General Conference
    • The Word of Wisdom
      • “I am sure that every one of us appreciates the fact, if we will but consider for a moment, that there are influences at work in the world today which are endeavoring to mislead and to deceive the people of the world with regard to those things which the Lord has declared are not good for man, such as tobacco and strong drink, and other things which he has declared are not for our welfare. Many men in the world are endeavoring in a deceitful way to make these harmful things appear attractive.”
      • “In the matter of the observance of the Sabbath day, the Lord has declared to us how we should observe that day. Many people question at times how we should observe it, or what it is that might be considered as breaking the Sabbath. Surely anything that interferes with the spirit of peace conformable to the Sabbath is breaking the Sabbath. There should be nothing that interferes with our worship or that causes our minds to be diverted, nor any act of ours that causes our minds to de detracted from the spirit of that day; but in all of our acts upon that day we should exercise and devote our minds and thoughts to those things that shall help us to grow in faith, in righteousness and in good works.”
  • October 1925 General Conference
    • A New Calling
      • “I desire with all my heart to do my part, to give the very best that is in me to advance this work, and if it were possible to even increase the care and the efficiency in looking after every interest that shall be intrusted to us in that department, to magnify the callings that come to us, and in every way to promote sympathy, kindliness, love and good will among all the members and officers of the Church. That is my only desire.”
      • “If we appreciate our responsibilities we must recognize the fact that we are only stewards here upon the earth, that we cannot take from this earth anything of a material nature ; that all we can take from here is that which we have stored up in our minds which has helped to develop us, the qualities which we have acquired and the service that we have rendered. For the material things will remain. They will be of no beneifit to us hereafter. Unless wisely used they may prove a curse, not only to us but to our descendants.”
      • “We should not be content with one mission, but if we have the means and if we labor “with an eye single to the glory of the God,” diligently and faithfully and wisely, the Lord will bless us and will increase our store and our means, and enable us to give’ more time, greater talent, greater energy, to the advancement of his purpose.”
      • “Let us, every one, endeavor to impress upon our children, boys and girls, the thought that all that we have and all that they have belongs to the Lord and that they should not claim these things selfishly. If we have that spirit in mind constantly and if we strive to impress upon those who come after us, that they should use their means and their time, with the purpose in view to be of the greatest benefit and blessing to the work of God, and to the promotion of the welfare of mankind, then shall we have joy and satisfaction. We shall increase in these qualities which shall make us most nearly the men and women that God would have us be.”

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