Brigham Young, Jr.

President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (December 9, 1899 – April 11, 1903)

Counselor in the First Presidency (June 8, 1873 – August 29, 1877)

Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (October 9, 1868 – April 11, 1903)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 1872 General Conference
    • Testimony
      • “I am aware that these evils are not pleasant, and probably if we could understand and comprehend evil without coming in contact with it, God would never have placed us on this earth, so far from our home, so far from those with whom we dwelt in the eternal worlds. He never would have placed us here but for our own good.”
      • “I find that our young men are copying after the young men who travel on other roads—they smoke and they drink, with as much assurance as though they had followed it all their lives; and I doubt not, if they continue in the pursuit of such practices, they will become as proficient in other sins as some I have seen elsewhere.”
      • “On one occasion, only a very few years after the Church was organized, the Prophet Joseph counseled him and others never to do another day’s work to build up Babylon, and he has obeyed that counsel. I know he has for twenty-five years past, and I am satisfied he has from the time the counsel was given.”

Other Talks

  • The Saints Striving to Live Their Religion, Discourse in Salt Lake City, June 22, 1884
    • “I understand the mission of the Elders of this Church, it is a mission of peace, to extend the olive branch to all people upon the face of the earth. I do not consider it my duty nor my privilege to make war upon individuals, or upon sects or parties in the Territories of Arizona or New Mexico, not even in the Territory of Utah. From my earliest recollections, pretty nearly, to the present time, constant persecution has followed this people. I do not feel like persecuting.”
    • “It is a remarkable thing, very strange indeed; but we find that in our settlements in the south, our people are greatly blessed, as elsewhere, with children, and this valuable immigration from above is extending. I do not know how long it will be before Congress will legislate against having babies; but it don’t look much like this immigration could be stopped now.”
    • “The golden rule which has been laid down, and this people have adopted it, “Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you,” has been changed a little in some districts which we have visited, not among our people, but among those of the world. They have changed it, and say, “Do unto others as others would have you do unto them.” It is a brass rule, a counterfeit, it is not the golden rule; but the Latter-day Saints in all of their troubles and trials in these extended regions which we have visited, have adopted the golden rule, and are seeking to put it into practice, not only towards each other, but towards those who are inimical to their interests.”
    • “Persecution has done us no harm. In fact it seems to me that we need about so much persecution—that we need to carry great loads to make us remember our God.”
  • God’s Ways Not as Man’s Ways, Remarks in Farmington, Utah, August 25, 1872
    • “I have no particular text to speak upon at the present time, save the one that should be at all times in the mind of every Latter-day Saint, and that is, the kingdom of God, and its growth and development upon the earth. This is a subject that should be ever present with us; and when an individual whose interests are professedly identified with that kingdom, forgets the duties devolving upon him in connection with it, we may infer that he has ceased to be useful therein.”

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