Ezra T. Benson

Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (July 16, 1846 – September 3, 1869)

General Conference Addresses

Other Reported Talks

  • Address to Departing Missionaries, Remarks in Salt Lake City, August 28, 1852
    • “There is no calling under the heavens, among the children of men, that is so desirable and so great as to go and preach this Gospel.”
    • “When Satan begins to grin and show his teeth, you may know there are sheep not far off. Only put your trust in God, and he will keep you and preserve you, as in the hollow of his hand. Be comforted, brethren, whether you go to the nations of the earth or stay at home. It is just as necessary for men to live humble here as it is for them to live humble when they go there; for Satan is not dead yet, and brother Brigham says he is glad of it. It is necessary he should live on the earth a little while longer to stir up the Saints by way of remembrance of the covenant they have made; and I have become perfectly reconciled concerning the things of the kingdom, and am so from day to day.”

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