Hyrum M. Smith

Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (October 24, 1901 – January 23, 1918)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 1902 General Conference
    • Prayers and Truth
      • “While we have not all the truth, still we are in that line of eternal and infinite progression which eventually will place in the possession of the faithful Latter-day Saints all the truth. The Latter-day Saints can have any and every truth that others have.”
      • “How often do parents have to deny the prayers and petitions of their own children. Notwithstanding the child desires a thing greatly, and can see no reason why he should not have it, yet in the greater wisdom of the parent his request is denied and the supposed blessing is withheld. But that is no evidence that the prayer was not considered by the parent; it is simply an evidence that the parent knows best when to give and when to withhold.”
      • “Let us seek for the salvation of the souls of men. And while we are working in the world for the salvation of those who are yet in unbelief, let us work also for the salvation of the souls of our children, and bring them up to maturity in the fear and admonition and knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”
      • “We have been more favored; we ought to be better; but never let us exalt ourselves above others. Let us be humble. Let us seek the truth, and receive It when it is made known to us.”
    • Learning and Teaching the Truth
      • “My brethren and sisters, God is at the head of this great work, and He is exalting His people. Look at the multitude here and in the Tabernacle today who have gathered together to hear the word of the Lord. It is with the spirit of envy that some of those not of our faith witness our unity in assembling together to be instructed in the ways of the Lord. We are Latter-day Saints, brethren and sisters, we are one people, no matter where we are or how we may be scattered, and there is only one kind of “Mormons,” only one kind of Latter-day Saints.”
      • “I would like to caution you not to seek to exalt yourselves, but to leave that to God, who will exalt us quickly and grandly enough, inasmuch as we seek to keep His laws and commandments.”
      • “There ought to be a Religion Class in the home of every Latter-day Saint. Every member of the Church ought to have a Religion Class, where the children are being taught the principles of the Gospel.”
      • “The Lord will not condescend to come down in person to each of us to convince us that this is His Church; not by any means. We must believe the words and testimonies. So it has been from the beginning.”

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