Matthias F. Cowley

Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (October 7, 1897 – October 28, 1905)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 1897 General Conference
    • A New Call
      • “I recognize the fact that there is no amount of profession or pretension which satisfies the injunctions of the Gospel and that which goes to constitute the characteristics of a true Latter-day Saint. It requires that we shall square our lives by the precepts of the Gospel and the commandments which have been delivered unto us by the authority of God in this dispensation.”
    • Operation of the Holy Spirit
      • “Would any man with intelligence and honesty dare to attribute narrow-mindedness to the Latter-day Saints? I think not. The Latter-day Saints are not afraid to come in contact with the world in every form. They are not so narrow but what they are willing to receive truth wherever it can be found.”
      • “How essential it is that the young men and the young women of Zion should enjoy the companionship of the Holy Spirit, the importance of which cannot be spoken, it cannot be fully realized. And to enjoy that spirit, we should understand another principle, and that is that to possess it we must harmonize our lives, our daily walk and conversation with certain requirements that the Lord has made of us. It is one thing to receive the Holy Spirit; it is another thing to keep it constantly with us.”
      • “We never can isolate the principles of the Gospel, and expect by the mere outward acceptance of that principle, to enjoy the blessing which is attached to it. No man has received a remission of sins by baptism alone. No man has received the Holy Ghost by the imposition of hands alone.”
      • “I want to impress upon the youth that to enjoy this Spirit, we must not only receive it by the ordinances of the Gospel, but we must take a course in life that we can keep it constantly with us. The Spirit of the Lord will not associate with evil in any form.”
      • “No man, no matter what may be his natural attainments, if he does not enjoy the Spirit of the living God, if his life is not circumspect, squared by the principles and doctrines of the Son of God, is a well educated Latter-day Saint, he does not enjoy the true light, he is not a safe man to follow.”
      • “No man has a monopoly on the work of God. No man can sin with impunity. No man can turn aside from the path of rectitude, without meeting the consequences which are specified in the Gospel of our Lord and Savior.”
      • “Remember this, that while men may become educated in the world, they may become powerful physically, they may become powerful mentally, but until they are educated spiritually and the moral properties of their natures are reached and touched and cultivated, the soul is not educated, for the spirit and the body is the soul of man.”

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