James M. Paramore

Presidency of the Seventy (August 15, 1987 – August 15, 1998)
First Quorum of the Seventy (April 2, 1977 – October 3, 1998)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 1998 General Conference
    • “The Heart and a Willing Mind”
      • “The Lord wants you to have the greatest of all experiences as you make your journey on this earth. This can be a magnificent journey filled with literally thousands of tremendous experiences and spiritual confirmations if you will find your way through the many choices that will be yours along the way. The road given by our Father in Heaven is clearly marked, but the patterns and ways of the world can deceive you.”
      • “The philosophies of men will ever be there, but they do not carry the promise of eternal life or even peace on this earth. Put your whole trust in the Lord. His scriptures and His prophets testify of Him and show the way.”
  • October 1992 General Conference
    • “By the Power of His Word Did They Cause Prisons to Tumble”
      • “These types of prisons often cause the offended to lose faith, hope, and even the ability to care for their own, as was the case with my young friend. But they should not happen. They often cause years of anguish. They cause those involved to wonder about justice and mercy. Sometimes they find it impossible to resolve their own personal affairs honorably.”
      • “No Christian should ever be a challenge to another Christian. Many widows, single mothers, and older couples are victimized by those who take advantage of them, who do not honor their commitments and then put them into a type of prison. Those affected find themselves pleading for someone to open their prison doors, often while babies cry for bare necessities.”
  • October 1990 General Conference
    • The Many Witnesses of Jesus Christ and His Work
      • “One stands in awe in reading and feeling the profound effect of His teachings and life. He raised the dead and made the blind see. He fed thousands on several occasions from just a few loaves of bread and some fishes. He forgave the repentant sinner, gave hope and encouragement, and administered to others all the days of His life. And then he offered Himself, though in the greatest agony and pain ever known to mankind, upon the cross as a final witness of His love for you and me by taking our sins upon Himself, a pure and sinless Son of God, that we might have eternal life. He did something for us that we could not do for ourselves. But think of the great blessing that came a few days later when the tomb was open and He emerged as the living, resurrected, immortal Christ, showing us that He lives and that we, too, would live.”
      • “So, once again witnesses were given, as during the Old Testament days and during the life of the Savior upon the earth and as He appeared to the inhabitants of the American continent after His resurrection. He always provides witnesses of the truths and blessings He brings.”

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