Helvecio Martins

Second Quorum of the Seventy (March 31, 1990 – September 30, 1995)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 1995 General Conference
    • “Watchmen on the Tower”
      • “In spite of the relative knowledge acquired throughout the six years of membership in the true Church, my first calling as a priesthood holder was not to serve as a General Authority, or a mission president, or a bishop, or as a member of two stake presidencies. It was not to serve as an executive secretary in the stake and in the ward. My first assignment and calling was that of serving as a home teacher. This calling preceded all the others. It is interestingly significant to think of it.”
      • “What a magnificent attitude! They no longer had the assignment, but they kept the Christian interest. What an extraordinary bond was established. Almost twenty-three years have passed since then. Many other home teacher companions have succeeded those first ones. Their names, with few exceptions, are vaguely remembered, but the names and images of those first servants are forever in our memories since they served as true shepherds.”
      • “Ever since then I have devoted myself with all my might, with my best efforts, to the care of assigned families, and some of my most significant experiences as a priesthood holder were lived as a home teacher.”
  • October 1990 General Conference
    • The Value of a Testimony
      • “Through obedience to the laws of the gospel, fasting, and service, our Heavenly Father blessed us with power to overcome fear, challenges, and eventual adversities.”
      • “A testimony should not be hidden. It must be shared.”

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