Victor L. Brown

First Quorum of the Seventy (April 6, 1985 – September 30, 1989)
Presiding Bishop (April 6, 1972 – April 6, 1985)
Second Counselor in the Presiding Bishopric (September 30, 1961 – April 6, 1972)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 1989 General Conference
    • A Lifetime of Learning
      • “Each of these five Presidents under whom I have served as a General Authority has had his own personality and style; yet I testify each is a prophet of God. Through my association with them, I have come to understand why we sustain them as prophets, seers, and revelators.”
      • “When we go to the temple because we want to go and not because it is an obligation; when we go with an attitude of worship and a reverence for God and for His son Jesus Christ, and with gratitude for the Savior’s sacrifice, when we spend sufficient time to leave the cares of the world outside, wonderful things happen which cannot be described. The Spirit of the Lord distills upon one’s soul in these holy houses, truly the most sacred places on earth.”
      • “The Lord invites all to come unto Christ through the ordinances and covenants of the temple, that we might receive the greatest of all God’s gifts to His children, the blessing of eternal life and exaltation.”
  • April 1985 General Conference
    • Agency and Accountability
      • “The closer I get to the time of departure from this life, the more concern I feel about what I will take with me.”
      • “Thus we see that free agency goes hand in hand with responsibility, and that consequences, good or bad, are the result of our personal decisions resulting from the exercise of free agency.”
      • “The Lord, understanding our frailty as human beings and recognizing the influence that Satan would exert, gave us standards by which we can live our lives and know good from evil. These standards are found in the holy scriptures.”
  • April 1963 General Conference
    • The Word of Wisdom
      • “Now, my young friends, don’t think for one moment that these problems came on this man and this woman overnight. They found themselves in these situations after many weeks, months, and even years of merely being “one of the gang,” of succumbing to the pressures of their neighbors, friends, and associates, of not wanting to be different. In all of my experience, I have never seen anyone more in bondage, with less freedom than these two individuals.”
      • “You don’t give up your freedom all at once—this kind of freedom at any rate. You give it up a little at a time, and all it takes is a start. If there is never a start, there is no concern about giving it up.”
      • “Freedom of choice is a basic principle of the gospel. This was true even before the earth was created. Each one of us has the divinely granted right to choose for himself. In choosing, we have the responsibility to use our intellect, which also has been given to us by our Heavenly Father. He has shown us the way; now it is our responsibility to choose which way we will go.”
  • October 1962 General Conference
    • Willingness to Serve
      • “I testify to you with all my heart that a prophet of God asked me to serve. As far as I know, that is the only qualification I have, but this is enough for me.”
      • “I am grateful for my heritage, for my parents and their righteous lives, and for all of my forebears. I thank my Heavenly Father for all of these blessings. I know that he lives, and that he is directing the affairs of his Church today just as surely as he did in days of old.”
  • April 1962 General Conference
    • Goals for Youth
      • “As important as these duties are, it is not my intention to elaborate on them, but rather to discuss the personal and intimate responsibilities which each of us has with our Heavenly Father, the responsibility of being the kind of person he would like us to be. Someone has said that character is what you are when you are alone with yourself in the dark.”
      • “Truthfulness is in very deed one of the foundation stones of true character. Without it, a holder of the priesthood not only breaks his trust with the Lord, but he deceives himself and his fellow men.”
      • “Now, I ask you young priesthood bearers. Can you in any way be dishonest without breaking this great trust the Lord has placed in you? The answer is obviously no.”
      • “Now, as to integrity: Integrity is that great quality of the soul that embodies both honesty and truthfulness.”
      • “Add to truthfulness, honesty and integrity—dependability—that quality where one’s word is as good as his bond. What a wonderful thing it would be for every young man to say to his bishop that he would do something for him and then do it. The man who is not dependable is of little worth, no matter what his talents might be.”

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