Franklin D. Richards

Presidency of the Seventy (October 1, 1976 – October 1, 1983)
First Quorum of the Seventy (October 1, 1976 – November 13, 1987)
Assistant to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (October 8, 1960 – October 1, 1976)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 1970 General Conference
    • Justice, Mercy, and Humility
      • “The Golden Rule is in reality the basic principle of dealing justly with your fellowmen. To do justly becomes a matter of attitude, a desire to go beyond tolerating others and making an effort to love and appreciate people by serving them. Justice is deeply affected by the principle of love.”
      • “Many times true mercy incorporates forgiveness. Mercy and forgiveness, to be effective, require great patience and understanding on the part of the one forgiving.”
      • “To walk humbly with God, one must love God, be humble, meek, and obedient. Another important ingredient is to hunger and thirst after righteousness.”
      • “By walking humbly with God, by identifying himself with the building of the kingdom, one obtains inner strength and peace from his Heavenly Father, is happy and successful, and enjoys personal growth and development.”
  • October 1964 General Conference
    • Order and Diligence
      • “Today there are so many things to do so many things crowding us. In this environment the words order and diligence are key words to success and happiness regardless of the activity we are engaged in.”
      • “Order commences with meditation; and meditation includes thinking, analyzing, prayer, fasting if needs be, and always planning. Meditating requires that time be regularly set aside to consider the things that you think you have to do. Many times you find you have more to do than you can do in the time available.”
      • “To develop an orderly pattern you must consider the things facing you, analyze their importance, and list them in the order of their importance. After the things of prime importance are selected, develop a plan to accomplish these more important matters.”
      • “Planning involves further analysis and developing of effective ways which will save time and simplify the operation involved. Prayer is always desirable in planning the effective use of time.”
      • “Many are prone to do the easy things and give those matters attention that seem to be the most pressing regardless of whether they are the most important or not, but through meditation, prayer, and planning you can select what might be called the first things to do and work out effective ways to do them.”
      • “To be diligent in our work also means to be effective and not just busy.”
      • “It is not necessary to do many unessential things that keep us busy but result in little or no real benefit to anyone.”
      • “Being diligent also requires faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and in ourselves, and making up our minds to be orderly and diligent is a good part of having faith in ourselves. Even though our assignments seem difficult, as we develop our faith and persevere, we are able to achieve our righteous objectives.”
  • April 1964 General Conference
    • Giving One’s All
      • “This spirit of brotherhood is greatly needed in the world today. We are living in a period when one crisis follows another. Faith in mankind is being disturbed and destroyed, and men’s hearts are troubled and seem to be failing them. Yet there is a disposition even in Christian countries to rule out of life the mission of Jesus Christ.”
      • “The gospel of Jesus Christ is the plan of life that will restore peace to the world—remove inner tensions and troubles and bring happiness and contentment—the greatest philosophy of life ever given to man. It is founded upon the basic principles of love of God and man and showing this love in service to our fellow men. All mankind must shape their lives upon the simple principles he taught and lived to comprehend him in his power and majesty.”
      • “We are told plainly and unequivocally that our greatest opportunity and responsibility here is building the kingdom of God, Christ’s Church on earth. I know this to be true.”
      • “Giving our all or complete dedication means—putting the Church first in our lives. It means to accept every opportunity to serve. As you accept each call, recognize the tremendous opportunity even though the assignment does not appear to be too important, or you may feel your inadequacy.”
      • “To attain real greatness, the Savior tells us, one must be the servant of all.”
  • October 1963 General Conference
    • Every Member a Missionary
      • “The Savior has charged us to “. . . teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.” And every nation includes our friends and the people we casually meet regardless of where we live.”
  • April 1963 General Conference
    • To Fill the Whole Earth
      • “In order for man to obtain eternal life and exaltation in God’s kingdom, he must accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is an eternal principle. Thus we recognize that the gospel plan has been and is for all of God’s children.”
  • October 1962 General Conference
    • The Golden Questions
      • “The discussion plan is not designed to convince intellectually, but rather, the discussions are instruments through which the Holy Ghost can work to awaken a spiritual awareness and bring a personal testimony into the hearts of the listeners that Joseph Smith is a Prophet and the Church is true.”
  • April 1962 General Conference
    • Be Missionaries
      • “Invariably missionaries testify that their greatest joy and happiness comes from seeing men and women born again as they are baptized. Yes, in seeing the change that comes into their lives as they accept and live the simple gospel truths. Missionaries are truly seeing miracles occur in the lives of the converts they baptize as they accept the gospel of Jesus Christ.”
      • “Let me again remind you how you can be a missionary. First, by living the gospel so that others seeing your good works may be led to join the Church; by asking your friends and neighbors what they know about the Church, and if they would like to know more. Many will say yes. Then, invite them into your homes, and have the missionaries, stake or full-time, give them the simple gospel discussions.”
  • October 1961 General Conference
    • The Amazing Growth of the Church
      • “So we in this dispensation have also been instructed. These prophecies are being fulfilled in this great growth of the Church. Baptism is necessary to enter the kingdom of God, and to us of this dispensation the Lord has given the assignment to baptize his elect. Today we have the counsel of our President and Prophet David O. McKay that “every member should be a missionary,” in order to bring more souls into the kingdom of God. We sustained our President wholeheartedly and seek to follow his counsel.”
      • “Our missionary program is based on declaring repentance and baptism. Our missionaries know that baptism is essential, and they are baptism conscious. The Lord has given us a list of qualifications necessary for baptism, and this is in the Doctrine and Covenants, section 20. Missionaries are instructed to see that these qualifications are met. This is not a day for compromising standards.”
  • April 1961 General Conference
    • Share the Gospel
      • “Now, brethren, truly the kingdom of God is going forward that the kingdom of heaven may come. President McKay has counseled us that every member of this Church should be a missionary. Tonight my heart is really filled with the missionary spirit. Heretofore the missionary work has been performed chiefly by full-time missionaries and stake and district missionaries. Now as President McKay has told us, each and every one of us has the opportunity of being a missionary. What a glorious opportunity this really gives us when we appreciate what we can do as members of this Church in spreading the gospel.”
      • “Yes, baptism is necessary, and we must be baptism conscious. On several occasions bishops and branch presidents have said to me, “President, having all of these people coming into the Church is wonderful. We need them.” But also another great blessing is received by members participating in this “share the gospel” plan. Many who had been relatively inactive became active again. An increased spirituality is definitely noticeable among the ward members who are sharing. It is like love, as you give it to others it increases in yourself.”
  • October 1960 General Conference
    • I Pledge Myself
      • “I can truthfully say that I have no enmity nor hatred toward any man, and I pray that the Lord will sustain me in this position.”
      • “I am grateful to my Father in heaven that among my other blessings I have the opportunity of spending my time and energy in his service. I pledge all of my efforts, President McKay, to the Church and to you as prophet, seer, and revelator, and to the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In concluding I would like to read from one of the modern prophets, President Heber J. Grant.”
      • “We should not be too busy taking care of details and mechanics to listen to the whisperings of the Spirit.”

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