William Grant Bangerter

Presidency of the Seventy (September 30, 1978 – April 5, 1980; February 17, 1985 – September 30, 1989)
First Quorum of the Seventy (October 1, 1976 – September 30, 1989)
Assistant to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (April 4, 1975 – October 1, 1976)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 1988 General Conference
    • The Quality of Eternal Life
      • “The great preoccupation of humanity is with dying. The general tendency, of course, is to try to avoid it. From time immemorial, the dream has been to extend life indefinitely. There have been potions and elixirs which would supposedly protect a person from death. Legends of the fountain of youth have led men to the ends of the earth.”
      • “Even those who don’t think they will live again or who don’t want to live again will nevertheless arise from the grave and live again. There is nothing they can do to stop it, since life is eternal.”
      • “Now, in view of the almost universal concern over the quality of mortal life, and since some people seem to be happier than others, we might ask the question about eternal life: “How can I be sure to have a happy experience there?” And remember, eternity is a long, long time.”
      • “The doctrine of salvation teaches us that we do not step into the vestibule of the gospel merely by confessing Christ or by being baptized. If we take it seriously, we will reach for all the blessings.”
  • April 1987 General Conference

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