Michaelene P. Grassli

General President of the Primary (April 4, 1988 – October 1, 1994)
Second Counselor in the Primary General Presidency (April 5, 1980 – April 4, 1988)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 1994 General Conference
    • Helping Children Know Truth from Error
      • “Moses recognized error, he prayed continually for help, and he overcame fear. Thus he was able to defy Satan’s attempts to intimidate him.”
      • “We want to enable our children to recognize error and take action, as Moses did. This is much more than simply telling them what to think and what to do. It is helping them seek for and love truth and choose to act independently, to act according to it.”
      • “Our children need to know that if we read the scriptures and the words of the prophets and heed the whisperings of the Spirit, we are learning from the source of all truth. If we oppose the Lord’s appointed teachers of truth, then we oppose truth. But if we honestly desire to know what is true, it follows that we would want to learn from the source of truth.”
      • “When our children are familiar with truth, they can face opposing voices with confidence.”
  • October 1988 General Conference
    • Children at Peace
      • “Our Heavenly Father has promised peace to his children. “All thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children.” (3 Ne. 22:13.) Peace in the Lord can give them freedom from self-doubt, freedom from fear, freedom from the confinement of their environment, freedom from enslaving habits. His peace can free them to unfold from the tender buds they are to the mature and fruitful adults they can be.”
      • “When we are at peace, then our children can be at peace.”
      • “Yes, tell them about the Savior so they’ll trust him, so they’ll develop a desire to be like him, and want to be with him again. Yes, our homes can provide peace for the children. Blessings be on you parents.”
      • “When children are taught of the Lord, we bestow on them a gift, a legacy of peace, that can lead them to eternal life. We must not fail them.”

Other Talks

  • October 1992 Womens General Meeting
    • “Behold Your Little Ones”
      • “God’s children share with all of us the divine right to spiritual enlightenment.”
      • “Children can understand and should witness marvelous events—events like priesthood blessings, special ward and family fasts, the testimonies and prayers of their parents and leaders, and gospel discussions with people they love.”
      • “Is it any wonder that following the Savior’s visit to the Nephites, they lived in peace and righteousness for two hundred years? Because of miraculous instructions, blessings, and attention they and their children received, righteousness was perpetuated by their children’s children for many generations.”
      • “Let us not underestimate the capacity and potential power of today’s children to perpetuate righteousness. No group of people in the Church is as receptive to the truth, both in efficiency of learning and with the greatest degree of retention. No group is as vulnerable to erroneous teaching, and no group suffers more from neglect or abuse. Children cannot provide for themselves. We, the adults of the world, must open the way for them.”
      • “As we minister to children with the same devotion and commitment demonstrated by the Savior, we bless them with love, security, faith, testimony, and the courage to resist evil. These are preventive measures that will help stem the raging tide of today’s epidemic immorality. The gospel can, and must, become a way of life for them today. Imagine what tomorrow’s Church could be like if we fulfill the needs of our children today. Imagine what it will be like if we don’t.”
  • September 1989 General Women’s Meeting
    • Follow Him
      • “Although you will have disappointing days, and discouragement and sorrow along with the good, if you follow God’s plan, you will be feasting at the table of the Lord where the spiritual satisfaction is far greater and lasts longer than the physical satisfaction of food.”
      • “Sometimes we try to tell ourselves that wrong is right. We do this to try to feel better about doing wrong things.”
      • “Satan keeps at us all our lives. As we grow older, he adds phrases like these to the messages he delivers: “I’m not worth much.” “I’ve done my part, now it’s someone else’s turn.” “It’s too late for me.” “The Brethren just don’t understand. I know better than they do.” When these thoughts or feelings come into our minds and hearts, they, too, are warnings that let us know we are in danger—in danger of losing the Spirit, losing our testimonies, forfeiting eternal joy. These, too, are times to turn around and run to escape from the danger before us.”
  • September 1988 General Women’s Meeting
    • I Will Follow God’s Plan for Me
      • “So we have a choice. We can either choose Heavenly Father’s plan, or we can follow Satan. It’s as simple as that. Now, the scriptures tell us that everything good comes from Heavenly Father and that following Satan brings misery and unhappiness. (See 2 Ne. 2:27; Alma 5:40.) This is important for us to know.”
      • “You will not always be able to control what others may say or do, but you can control how you will react to them. Temptation, illness, accidents, and tragedy are part of this life. There will be some tough days in your lives—very tough days. But when you follow God’s plan, you can know what to do, and that’s when you are in control. You can decide whether or not you are going to be happy by making choices that will lead you close to your Heavenly Father and away from Satan. You can decide what you will say and do.”
      • “Every good thing you do in your life is following God’s plan. Every time you are kind to another person, each time you have courage to do something difficult, each time you do a thoughtful act without being asked, each time you say your prayers, each time you read the scriptures, each time you go to church, each time you help a friend—you are following God’s plan for you.”
      • “It is possible to make a right choice and at the time you make it to feel lonely or rejected or embarrassed.”

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