Ruth B. Wright

Second Counselor in the Primary General Presidency (April 4, 1988 – October 1, 1994)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 1994 General Conference
    • Teaching Children to Walk Uprightly before the Lord
      • “The First Presidency has suggested four goals to help us focus on children. The goals are one, to recognize the worth of our children; two, to activate children who are not participating in the blessings of the gospel; three, to teach children the gospel in such a way that they will understand and live it; and four, to ensure that children are prepared for and given the opportunity for baptism and ordination.”
      • “What does it mean to walk uprightly before the Lord? The word upright is defined as honest, honorable, straightforward. Thus, to walk uprightly, our children need to choose to live in an honest, honorable, straightforward manner. Children who understand and live the gospel today can walk with assurance and joy and someday will enter the presence of the Lord, walking uprightly.”
      • “We teach by example. Our children will learn far more by observing us walk uprightly than any other way.”
      • “When our children first know they are loved, they are more likely to listen and be taught.”

Other Talks

  • October 1991 Womens General Meeting
    • Be Thou an Example
      • “One way we can feel Christ’s love is through the example of others as they emulate his life.”
      • “We can live in such a way that people can look to us as their examples. To be a good example of a principle, we must not only understand it but we must live that principle. It should become such a part of our everyday living that without consciously thinking about it, the principle is reflected in the way we live.”
  • October 1990 Womens General Meeting
    • Draw Strength from the Book of Mormon
      • “When I feel inadequate and overwhelmed with my own weaknesses, I think of King Benjamin and try again.”
      • “When I read this passage, I am filled to overflowing with the love Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father have for me and you and the whole world. He blesses us daily, as he blessed the little children, with a love that gives me strength to go forth with assurance that he will guide me.”

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