Joaquin E. Costa

General Authority Seventy (April 2, 2016 – present)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 2017 General Conference
    • To the Friends and Investigators of the Church
      • “So, from my first lesson, I say to you friends and investigators of the Church: once you meet the missionaries, please take them seriously; they are giving up important years of their lives just for you.”
      • “So let me put this lesson in one sentence: if you are confused, don’t worry—remember the feelings you have experienced; they come from God.”
      • “So the third lesson, in one sentence: when you receive these things—the Book of Mormon—and you are exhorted to read and ask God if they are true, please just do it!”
      • “I realize now that I had expected to receive revelation without paying the price. Until then I had never truly spoken to God, and the idea of speaking to someone who wasn’t present seemed foolish. I had to humble myself and do what I was being asked to do even if, in my worldly mind, it sounded silly.”
      • “So the last lesson, in one statement: experience repentance; nothing draws you closer to the Lord Jesus Christ than a desire to change.”

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