Stephen W. Owen

General Young Mens President (April 4, 2015 – present)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 2017 General Conference
    • Repentance Is Always Positive
      • “While there may be undefeated seasons in sports, there aren’t any in life. But I testify that the Savior Jesus Christ worked out a perfect Atonement and gave us the gift of repentance—our path back to a perfect brightness of hope and a winning life.”
      • “Repentance is uplifting and ennobling. It’s sin that brings unhappiness.”
      • “My message to all—especially to the youth—is that repentance is always positive.”
      • “We can try to change our behavior on our own, but only the Savior can remove our stains and lift our burdens, enabling us to pursue the path of obedience with confidence and strength. The joy of repentance is more than the joy of living a decent life. It’s the joy of forgiveness, of being clean again, and of drawing closer to God. Once you’ve experienced that joy, no lesser substitute will do.”
      • “Repentance both puts us on the right path and keeps us on the right path. It is for those who are just beginning to believe, those who have believed all along, and those who need to begin again to believe.”
      • “Repentance does that; it turns our hearts toward our fellowman because we know that the joy we feel is meant for everyone.”
      • “It is not enough just to gain a testimony; you have to maintain it and strengthen it. As every missionary knows, if you stop pedaling a bicycle, it will fall, and if you stop feeding your testimony, it will weaken. This same principle applies to repentance—it is a lifelong pursuit, not a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”
  • April 2016 General Conference
    • The Greatest Leaders Are the Greatest Followers
      • “The world teaches that leaders must be mighty; the Lord teaches that they must be meek. Worldly leaders gain power and influence through their talent, skill, and wealth. Christlike leaders gain power and influence “by persuasion, by long-suffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by love unfeigned.””
      • “In God’s eyes, the greatest leaders have always been the greatest followers.”
      • “Your ability to lead does not come from an outgoing personality, motivational skills, or even a talent for public speaking. It comes from your commitment to follow Jesus Christ.”
      • “The more earnestly you come unto Christ, the more deeply you will desire to help others experience what you have experienced.”

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