Joanne B. Doxey

Second Counselor in the General Relief Society Presidency (April 7, 1984 – March 31, 1990)

General Conference Addresses

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Other Talks

  • September 1989 General Women’s Meeting
    • “Remember Him”
      • “How important is our work, sisters! And how eternal is our influence on our homes and families! The Lord is depending on us to remember Him and to teach our children to remember Him, so that they are prepared to teach their children to remember Him, that we all may regain His presence in righteousness.”
      • “The adversary, who is the enemy to all righteousness, seeks to thwart the efforts of the Lord’s people. His deadly forces are arrayed against our homes. He plans every move with accuracy and precision. There is nothing haphazard or careless about his plan.”
      • “If we treat the scriptures lightly, letting them gather dust on the shelves, unopened and unread, they are unable to bless our lives as planned.”
  • September 1987 General Women’s Meeting
    • Strengthening the Family
      • “It is a glorious thing to be a woman in these latter days. We, together with the priesthood, are to prepare a righteous generation for the second coming of Christ. We are led by a living prophet who counsels us to feed the lambs, enrich and protect the home, and strengthen the family.”
      • “How can we help prepare children for their significant role if we, their mentors, are absent or uncaring?”
      • “Parents are their children’s first and most influential teachers. The responsibility of teaching proper values and sacred truths cannot be successfully delegated to anyone else.”
      • “If we rely on the Lord, follow the map, and watch the road signs, without making a lot of unnecessary detours, we can navigate through mortality and reach our destination safely, in the Lord’s due time. Decisions determine destiny.”
      • “When we are firm in our own convictions, we can give our inner strength to those about us with confidence. We are responsible for our personal development that will give us this confidence.”
      • “True personal worth comes from a secure relationship with Heavenly Father. Individual worth is intrinsic, it is internal; it is eternal. It is something that cannot be taken from us when the blossom of youth fades, when economic conditions leave us desolate, when sickness or handicaps befall us, or when prominence and visibility are obscured.”
      • “A woman’s inner strength is important in the husband-and-wife relationship. As husbands and wives work together in righteousness, loving and appreciating each other, the family is fortified in countless ways.”
      • “This righteous leadership is enhanced by the priesthood power that was restored to earth to bless and direct us. How can we, as women, receive the full blessings and power of the priesthood in our lives? We can sustain and support those who bear it righteously. This is by divine design, not by plan of man.”

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