Alma Sonne

First Quorum of the Seventy (October 1, 1976 – November 27, 1977)
Assistant to the Quorum of Twelve Apostles (April 6, 1941 – October 1, 1976)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 1943 General Conference
    • Guidance from God
      • “The Master’s words never grow old and trite. They come with the freshness of today, and are never outworn and obsolete. They are always vital and timely. I have seen men grow wealthy and influential in worldly things and at the same time grow exceedingly poor in spiritual things. I do not discount material achievements, but deplore the acquisition of such power and influence at a loss of the higher goal in life.”
      • “With Brigham Young first things came first. He knew there were things, even more important than lands and homes and worldly comforts, things like freedom, the right to worship, the right to grow and develop under the inspiration and guidance of Christian ideals. What better testimony could he give of their integrity and their faith? Here was the workmanship of their own hands. Here were the fruits of their labors, the results of their strivings and sacrifice and struggle. All of it they placed on the altar rather than compromise, and rather than forsake their standards and the guiding principles which sustained them.”
      • “The wisdom of the ages to which he refers is the holy Bible. History has proved that humanity needs guidance and enlightenment. Without guidance man is a law unto himself. He falters and fails. There are signposts everywhere, but men, in their eagerness to pursue their own course, pass them by. God knows His children. He has made provision for their safety and their security. Christ’s gospel is the beacon light to guide humanity. It points the way of salvation. It has come to earth in its fulness to lead the children of men back to God. The true end and felicity of man lies in the enjoyment of God’s favor, and His saving power.”
  • April 1943 General Conference
    • Old Fashioned Values
      • “Today, in conference assembled, we rejoice in the efficiency of this Church, in its vitality, its power, its growth, its leadership, in its comprehensive program, and in the wide scope of its activities. The conferences of the Church have always been a great inspiration to the Latter-day Saints. We come here to be renewed in our faith, to be encouraged in our labors and to be strengthened in our responsibility, and we never go away disappointed.”
      • “The paramount need of the hour, it seems to me, is a return to the old-fashioned virtues that formed the very bedrock of our social and economic life.”
  • October 1942 General Conference
    • Faith is Necessary to Good Government
      • “A great responsibility rests upon the Latter-day Saints, a responsibility which consists, not only in teaching, but in living the restored gospel. The spiritual crisis existing in the world today is a challenge to every church and to every devoted church member.”
      • “Faith is the bedrock of human life, without which the soul of man has no anchorage. Despotism may govern without such faith, but democracy will die without it.”
  • October 1941 General Conference
    • Freedom
      • “There is confusion in the world. We are beset with difficulties, and sometimes I think it is well for us to hark back to the days of the pioneers to get our bearings and to learn the principles upon which they succeeded. Those sturdy people who laid the foundation of all we have and are, were men and women of faith. They were obedient to the commandments of the Lord. They knew that freedom is a priceless treasure.”

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