Barbara B. Smith

Relief Society General President (October 3, 1974 – April 7, 1984)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 1984 General Conference
    • Warmed by the Fires of Their Lives
      • “In that spirit I am proud to testify today that our prophets and Apostles are men called of God. They will always lead the Church aright by divine direction and by the power of the Holy Ghost.”
      • “The women of the Church have an important work to do. That work requires great strength of character, faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and a pure heart that will be a light unto the world and a bulwark of righteousness against the darkness that covers the earth with contention and evil.”
  • October 1983 General Conference
    • A Season for Strength
      • “Good solutions often lie not so much in the undiscovered as in the unused.”
      • “When the Lord restored the gospel to the earth in its fulness and purity, he also organized the Church as a means to turn precepts into living principles, to help believers become Saints. And become Saints they did when, as converts, they were drawn by their compelling faith to put precept to the test; and in the strength of the Lord they saw goals achieved, hopes realized, and their own strength grow.”
      • “Our lives require discipline, coping without compromise, conversion of precepts into living principles that will make us saintly.”
      • “We must live with constant anticipation of his coming. Being ready to receive him is the position of our greatest strength. Let this be our bulwark against temptation or slothfulness. Let it cause us to read the Savior’s words, to search our hearts, and to try to live every principle of righteousness he taught. This will require us to love as he loves. Then, we are told, when he comes we shall know him, for we shall be like him.”

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