Christian D. Fjeldsted

First Council of the Seventy (April 6, 1884 – December 23, 1905)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 1905 General Conference
    • Brief Remarks
      • “The gospel is spreading, and is being preached with power.”
      • “We have not originated this gospel, neither has Joseph Smith nor the other leaders of the church; it originated with the Lord, the Creator of the world, and if you have any complaint to make against the principles of the gospel, He is the individual for you to complain against, not Joseph Smith, nor the Latter-day Saints.”
  • April 1902 General Conference
    • Brief Remarks
      • “We certainly have a testimony that this is the work of God. We have not been left to guess at it, or to be in doubt about it, but the Lord has given us a testimony, right from the beginning, that this is the work of the Lord. Opposition to it will never stop it; for it has come here to stay.”
      • “We are thankful that we have a living Priesthood among us— a genuine Priesthood, not a bogus Priesthood; men that are inspired of God to teach us the way of life and salvation.”

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