Daniel H. Wells

Counselor to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (October 6, 1877 – March 24, 1891)
Second Counselor in the First Presidency (January 4, 1857 – August 29, 1877)

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  • The Parable of the Sower, Remarks in Salt Lake City, February 22, 1857
    • “I have told you, and others have, that we have no expectations in this life of a worldly nature but what will go into the grave with us when we go. “Mormonism” and the Priesthood which we have resting upon us reach behind the veil, and what we have to do here is to prepare ourselves in this channel for the blessings we expect to receive hereafter.”
    • “No matter whether in spiritual or temporal affairs, the principle is the same, faithfulness is required.”
    • “Do we see and appreciate the blessing of this Gospel which has been made known to us? Sometimes I think we do, and at other times I think we become careless and indifferent. This should never be, but we should progress and increase in the knowledge of God and in faith, for it is a treasure indeed, and is like all other things pertaining to the kingdom of God. We must be faithful to increase in it, as well as in light and knowledge. Let us get the truth and stick to it, and not let it slip through our fingers.”
    • “These are the principles which unite us together; let us keep them warm in our bosoms, and be alive and continue to increase in the knowledge of God. Let us strive to have our minds expand, and let us perform our duties with an eye single to the glory of God, and the advancement of His cause. In this course we see our own salvation and eternal exaltation, and find the road we ought to travel, and we cannot find anything outside of this worth having. We are interested in it; it is the best investment we can make. No matter how poor a person may be, he can be faithful and work the work of righteousness, and it is the poor and meek that will inherit the earth.”
    • “We are aware that the world is arrayed against us, and has it not been so from the beginning? But what have they been able to accomplish against this people? If they have driven and scattered us, they have scattered the seed still wider, and it will be so again. They do not know who they are fooling with; they are fooling with the Lord. He knows how to set up His kingdom, and if we are submissive in His hands, like clay in the hands of the potter, we shall not again be scattered and peeled. We have heretofore been driven measurably because of our unrighteousness, and of our unworthiness, and God’s inability through that cause to bless us, and because of the wickedness of the wicked. How soon would another persecution have come on us I cannot say, if the people had not turned around and sought the Lord with penitent hearts.”
  • Duty of Sustaining and Upholding the First Presidency, Discourse in Salt Lake City, March 9, 1856
    • “Our cause affords sufficient occupation to absorb the attention, energies, and ability of every man and woman in the world, aside from the few who embrace the faith. We will say, then, that whatever the First Presidency wish to accomplish should be sustained; and they should be supported by the entire mass of the people, in order that the people may be united, and that all operations may be carried out as directed from day to day.”
    • “I would like brethren to come into this kingdom with an understanding that their salvation will cost them all they have got and all they ever will have.”
    • “I have always felt that if I did my duty from day to day, and remained faithful to the end, I should get a reward that would be perfectly satisfactory to me, whatever it might be: therefore I never concern myself about what is going to be my reward in future life.”
    • “That is the way in which I at first looked at “Mormonism,” and it is the way I have looked at it ever since. I am so strong in the belief of the doctrine, that I recommend every one of the brethren and sisters to look at it in the same light in which I do. It is the all-absorbing topic with me; and it is no matter what I am called to do in this work, it is for the sake of truth—no matter how tired and fatigued I may be, it is for the sake of truth.”
    • “The heavens are ready to shower down blessings, if the people are ready to receive and sufficiently appreciate them.”
  • Persecutions, Duties and Privileges of the Saints, Address at the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, July 24, 1854
    • “This day, in reality, is the anniversary of our birth day as a free people. We may say that it was a bloodless conquest, and yet our path has not been strewn with flowers, as witness the parting pang when exhausted strength has been laid low in the dust, and bitter tears have only been dried in view of a better future.”
    • “The kingdom will advance, and bring with it the treasures of knowledge, wisdom, and power, just so fast as the Lord finds that he has a people ready, willing, and capable of receiving, and bearing it off. If we would hasten the time for the coming of the Son of Man with power and great glory, we must increase our diligence, hasten ourselves in the attainment of every perfection, and by our purity and excellence bring unto ourselves Heaven’s excellence and purity.”
    • “It is always well to remember and acknowledge the kind hand of Providence, from whom we receive every good and perfect gift.”
    • “Let not folly nor wickedness be committed in Israel, lest we be called upon to put away the workers of iniquity from our midst, and thus cleanse Israel from sin and guilt.”

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