John H. Taylor

First Council of the Seventy (October 6, 1933 – May 28, 1946)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 1935 General Conference
    • Missionaries Should Prepare
      • “It is true that our Heavenly Father blesses us and guides us and protects us, but it always seems to me that our Heavenly Father can be relied upon to protect and help us more if we do our part in protecting ourselves. When missionaries are careless and do not give proper care to their bodies, I am sure that they cannot be protected in the same way or to the degree that missionaries can who are careful and live according to the commandments of the Lord.”
      • “We desire them to equip themselves spiritually, because without the Spirit of the Lord and a knowledge of the Gospel they hamper themselves and they hamper the work. The reason that missionaries receive a testimony so rapidly in the missionary field is because they devote their time, their energy, their thoughts and their prayers to finding out about God and his work, and doing the things that God wants them to do. And when they do that they receive, almost instantly, a testimony of the divinity of this great work.”
  • October 1934 General Conference
    • Treasure the Scriptures
      • “At times it seems to me that because of the many scriptures available, they have become very common to us. When problems of life come before us we are prone to look to other sources for comfort, knowledge, and instruction, rather than going to the word of the Lord, where we might be guided rightly in the things that he wants us to do.”
      • “Nowadays we are getting away from that. It is not the custom to read the word of the Lord, and while we may find testimony, I believe that testimony would come quicker if we would be firmer in the foundation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ ; if we would be frequent readers of God’s word to us, and really believe the things which he has said and does say to us.”
      • “If we will not show the signs of humility and of repentance, and a desire to know, we can not understand the things which are written in these books for us.”
  • April 1934 General Conference
    • Follow the Brethren
      • “In these days of indecision, uncertainty, and confusion concerning the things that have to do with the economic life of the country, concerning education and science, it is not remarkable that men’s hearts begin to fail them when they stop to consider the question of religion. It seems as though men are running to and fro, trying to find their way out, but because of the darkness it is more difficult than they anticipated to get into the sunshine again.”
      • “One thing essential to the faith of the people is confidence in the leadership of the Church, in God’s servants whom he has chosen to lead and direct his people. I say that unless we have that confidence and the determination to follow our leaders and accept their guidance and counsel, our faith will grow weaker, we will not have the strength to stand and do the things which God would have us do.”
      • “I think I would be the most miserable of men if I had to sit in an audience and continually decide whether the leaders of my Church were speaking by the gift and power of God or whether they were speaking of themselves. I have found in my experience that when I have followed the counsel and instruction given to me by my leaders, even though I could not understand the thing at the time, I have always come out better in the end, and God has blessed me because I have given my allegiance and confidence to the men who have a right to guide and direct me in the affairs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”
  • October 1933 General Conference
    • Grateful for Family
      • “I have a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. From my youth up I have been taught concerning the Gospel, and while I didn’t understand the full import of the Gospel message when I was young, because if the teachings of my father and mother I was able to hold to the Church and gradually find out for myself about the divine work in which we are engaged at the present time.”
      • “Sometimes I think that we men think that we have accomplished great things because of ourselves, but I can bear testimony that the good things that I may have in my life, and the good things that I may have done, have been helped and encouraged by my mother and by my wife. Surely we are all grateful when we are thus blessed and helped in our work.”

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