Louise Y. Robison

Relief Society General President (October 7, 1928 – December 31, 1939)
Second Counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency (April 2, 1921 – October 7, 1928)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 1930 General Conference
    • Staying True to the Gospel
      • “In an address given by our dear President Grant in Relief Society Conference last Thursday afternoon, he said, “I have no fear for the Church of Jesus Christ as long as the women of the Church are devoted to its principles.” This implies a great responsibility, also a challenge to Us to analyze ourselves and find if we are meeting the requirements.”
      • “The cause of prohibition, in which we are so interested, is often weakened by the comments made in the home. If a parent, in whom the child has confidence, criticizes an enforcement officer or expresses the opinion that the law can never be enforced, the effect it must have on young people is soon apparent. We must remember that the men and women of the future will be only as strong as we help our boys and girls to be in our homes.”
  • April 1930 General Conference
    • Valiance in Modern Times
      • “A few months ago I had the privilege, through the courtesy of President and Sister Moyle of the Eastern States Mission, of attending a street meeting on a busy thoroughfare in New York. Our fine elders stood forth, clean and intelligent, and offered to the people the plan of salvation. Very few cared for it. I thought at that time, if an inventor were to offer a new explosive, or something that could take life, there would be hordes and crowds of people around, and it would be broadcast everywhere. But when our elders offer the plan of life eternal it is not even recognized.”
      • “As mothers in Israel we should be just as valiant in the cause of truth as were our former sisters. We may not have to face mobs, and be driven from our homes, but we should stand just as firmly for the principles of the Gospel as did those blessed sisters.”
      • “We must live the Gospel in our homes in such a way that our children will have confidence in our teaching. We must feel that no effort is too great to teach our children that there is a Father in heaven, and that he does hear our prayers.”

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