Marvin O. Ashton

First Counselor in the Presiding Bishopric (April 6, 1938 – October 7, 1946)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 1938 General Conference
    • Spiritual Blessings
      • “I believe that sometimes to test anything you must have something happen of an unusual character. Now I think that peculiar thing has happened to the Church so far as this welfare work is concerned. I think that this thing coming upon us has been the means of testing us.”
      • “I am afraid sometimes we get in ruts and some of us who have been the most valiant sometimes are most susceptible to ruts. Some one has said the only difference between a rut and a grave is that one is a little deeper than the other. Now I say this respectfully, but sometimes men who have won their spurs, who have cut their furrows, rest while the world goes on. The Church is of such a nature and such magnitude that whether you do your duty or not, it pretty near sustains you. And you stay there, and you just hang on by virtue of the tremendous system that is over your head.”
      • “I believe that some men get it into their heads that they ought to be original, and they can not be original unless they stand off and criticise.”
      • “I wonder sometimes (to play on someone’s expression) if that same fellow who always wants the spiritual blessings to come to the other fellow, how he would appreciate it if, when he got around the table Thanksgiving Day, he would have a spiritual turkey, that was “without body, parts, or passions.””
      • “Some of us are just naturally—as one man puts it—”tight.” Our pores are closed, and we do not let charity break through.”

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