May Anderson

Primary General President (October 8, 1925 – 1939)
First Counselor in the Primary General Presidency (1905 – October 8, 1925)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 1930 General Conference
    • Primary Helps the Home
      • “The Church asks us to teach the children the principles of the Gospel, to take care of their leisure time activities, and to bear in mind that every boy and girl born in the Church has the right to a strong body, that he and she may make their way in the world as fairly as possible.”
      • “For the religious instruction we are using the Articles of our Faith, and we think it the greatest code of moral conduct that was ever produced. As we are using it we shall probably send into the homes of the people of the Church thousands of little cards bearing the Articles of Faith.”
      • “Now, how shall we connect up with you, my brethren and sisters, to put this thing over splendidly? I am happy for this opportunity to say that we hope the Bishops will stand with us in helping to get the boys ready for the Priesthood. We hope the Mutuals will stand with us in getting the boys ready for Scouting. We hope that every home in this Church will stand with us to provide the right foundation. We shall plead, and we hope not in vain, that there will be no home in our Church where boys and girls will know anything about liquor. We hope there will be no home-made wine in any home in our Church. We hope there will be no coffee, no tea, no tobacco. We plead with you, my brethren and sisters, to make life safe for the Sboys and girls. Prevention is eminently better than cure. There is nothing that is more favorable nor better than the home. We can only add to what you do.”
  • April 1930 General Conference
    • Report on the Primary
      • “We are the Religion Class of the Church, the class that is striving to put into the hearts of the boys and girls a feeling of love, a feeling of joy, a knowledge and understanding of their opportunities, that they in this organization may have every possible opportunity to begin in their early years to learn the grace and virtue of service.”

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