Rey L. Pratt

First Council of the Seventy (January 29, 1925 – April 14, 1931)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 1931 General Conference
    • Agency
      • “It is true, my brethren and sisters, that the Lord has given us our free agency. iWe are not forced, but we are admonished and taught. So it seems to me there is no excuse for us if we stray away.”
      • “As I said in the beginning, I am happy to find myself in harmony and in accord with the teachings of the Church, in accord with the Gospel as it has been restored through the instrumentality of Joseph Smith. I have not one word or thought of criticism to offer as to the policy of the Church now or in times past. I feel perfectly secure, my brethren and sisters, in following the teachings of those whom I bear witness to you are prophets, seers and revelators unto this people. And it is a serious and a dangerous thing for us to set up our desires or our judgment contrary to that which comes through the servants of the Lord, particularly when spoken, as have been the admonitions of President Grant during this Conference.”
  • October 1930 General Conference
    • Truth
      • “My desire is to see righteousness established among men and selfishness and wickedness done away.”
      • “My brethren and sisters, there is your manifestation and your witness of truth concerning God. It is given by him whose mission it was to bear witness to the truth in the world. Every teaching, then, of the Savior, if it be his mission to bear witness of the truth, is truth, taught to our Father’s children for their salvation here upon the earth. “The Gospel of Jesus Christ,” Paul says, “is the power of God unto salvation,” and this is true. It is the witness of Jesus Christ in the world, of the truth.”
      • “Only truth can free the world from the errors that are in it today. Only truth can bring about a better condition in the world, and less hatred and strife and bitterness and misery among the children of men. I mean truth if it goes into the hearts of men and men live by the truth.”
  • April 1930 General Conference
    • The Church Will Succeed
      • “Now, brethren and sisters, if this work were not of God I believe that we could believe still, today, that it would come to naught. But I know, by the manifestations of the Holy Spirit, and by the experiences that I have had in ministering as a humble missionary in the world, that the priesthood, restored to earth in this dispensation, is a reality. It is the power of God to act in his name, and its works; it operates.”
  • October 1929 General Conference
    • Duty to Warn
      • “I take it, my brethren and sisters, that, as people having the gospel of Jesus Christ and a testimony of it, the Lord calls upon us to bear that testimony and make known his word to the world, and to bear testimony one to another of the inspiration of the Lord and the knowledge that has come to us concerning this great gospel plan that is instituted in the world for the salvation of men.”
      • “I raise my voice in warning against those who presume, because of any motive, be it whatever it may, to better the conditions in this Church other than through sustaining the authority that the Lord has given, through whom will come the revelations to guide and to direct this Church.”
      • “It is no use for you to criticize what is in the past, nor will it do any good for you to be particularly worried about what shall follow after you leave.”

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