Rufus K. Hardy

First Council of the Seventy (October 6, 1934 – March 7, 1945)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 1943 General Conference
    • The Government and Growth of the Church
      • “I am fully aware that we perhaps are the best paid board of directors that God has on earth, and if each one of us were asked, nothing could be given Him which in the slightest degree could compare with the compensation which God has given him for the unselfish labor and interest he has shown in God’s great work.”
      • “One after another of the brethren received that answer, and they all went forth to do God’s bidding and to receive God’s commendation, and from that start, to the present time, the Church has grown through this great and marvelous system of missionary activity unequaled anywhere.”
  • April 1943 General Conference
    • Labor in the Kingdom
      • “This Priesthood is referred to as “being without father, without mother, and without descent, and has neither beginning of days or end of life.” Each of us is called with a peculiar calling, each in his respective calling to do vastly different things. Every appointment and calling in the Priesthood is of such importance that all of the time devoted by each man to his designated sphere, in close application to his work, will not begin to encompass the greatness and eternal decrees of God.”
      • “And, yet, I am sure, my brethren, that we zealous and energetic laborers in the work of God are tempted at times to exaggerate our own importance, to accomplish personal ambitions, but we should adopt the humble attitude of standing still “to see the glory of the Lord pass by” this would accomplish a great deal more. We grow despondent with what we think is delay, forgetting momentarily that since the very beginning of time God has planned and wrought with patience, and has seen afar the very time in which we now find ourselves.”
  • October 1942 General Conference
    • Preserve and Keep the Souls of Men
      • “That which God has made He desired protected and kept. Even so every declaration that we have in our sacred history handed down to us by tradition bears this same record and this same declaration: preserve and keep and save the souls of men.”
  • April 1942 General Conference
    • Out of Small Things
      • “You know, I have been struck with this thought, that in all of the history of religion, in all of the Bible stories and all the stories of the Book of Mormon, God’s advent among men commenced with small beginnings.”
  • October 1941 General Conference
    • Building up the Kingdom
      • “When I read of the sorrow and distress that is abroad upon the earth today I hold as the most precious gift God may give to me, my citizenship in these United States, this blessed land of Joseph. My heart is poured out in constant gratitude for this glorious Gospel upon which we are feasting here today. But for it I should not be here, and perhaps should not have had earthly tabernacle. In humble gratitude I thank my Heavenly Father that I was born a generation removed from the terrible onslaught made by Satan to destroy this work in its inception, and that those heroes who preceded me so discouraged the Evil One, by their holy faith and devotion, that there came a lull in the persecution, and in that lull I was born. I think I have in my veins some of the blood of those who suffered and were tempted, so I have obtained my physical persecution in an easy way. But come what will, I hope I may never deny that knowledge which is in my heart today.”
      • “So in this rocky fastness, and in this great desert land of ours, God established this Church. To our forefathers be the glory. I want to say to you that there came to them, if not angelic inferences, help, sustaining power. It was the power, at least, of God, that made them continue on in what they did, until we find ourselves as we are today.”
  • April 1941 General Conference
    • The Work in a Time of War
      • “God has said some things in prophecies concerning this. All this evil is done in order that some may acquire that which they do not possess or rightfully claim. To each and every child born upon this earth God gave a portion of it. It has been bestowed upon him by right of heirship from Adam.”
      • “Let all of us draw in from our wanderings and distress of mind, and rely upon God and what He has promised.”
  • October 1940 General Conference
    • Agency
      • “God has also given unto each of us the one and only tool by which we might gain honor and success and exaltation, or on the other hand, misery and disgrace and absolute degradation. Now, that tool is the free agency of man to choose between right and wrong.”
      • “I feel that we should never imagine that we have seen the light at one time, and it becomes therefore unnecessary for us constantly to strive to glimpse those flashes from heaven that are coming to us, as they did in the past. I would that we might open the windows of our souls and receive that light which God desires to give and is giving to his people.”

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