Ruth H. Funk

Young Women General President (April 6, 1972 – September 30, 1978)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 1978 General Conference
    • Come, Listen to a Prophet’s Voice
      • “Miles separate; the spirit unites. We come to receive counsel from a prophet of God. As one eminent international editor observed, “If there is an answer to the moral decadence of the world today, it will come through the Mormon Church which claims continuous revelation.” To this fact I bear fervent testimony.”
      • “The one whose name this church bears has equal and unconditional love for each of his children—both those who know him and those who do not know him so well.”
      • “Seek his face. Reciprocate his love. Reflect it to others.”
      • “Jesus Christ is our Savior, our brother, our friend. He is as near as we allow him to be. Our only ultimate joy and happiness is predicated upon our relationship with him. Our only peace, through disappointments, sorrow, and challenges, will come as we draw nearer unto him.”

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