Ruth May Fox

Young Women General President (1929 – 1937)
First Counselor in the Young Women General Presidency (1905 – 1929)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 1930 General Conference
    • Teaching the Youth
      • “I am very proud and happy to stand here and represent them. In that capacity I would like to remind the audience that one of the books on our reading course this year is “The Life of the Prophet Joseph Smith,” written by our late Brother George Q. Cannon. We feel sure that if you will read it and encourage your family to read it your sympathies will be renewed for the founders of this Church and your faith will be increased.”
      • “This morning as I sat in this great congregation I felt that it was a very great privilege and blessing to be one of the ten thousand who were here assembled. I testify to you that the words that have fallen from the lips of the brethren who have spoken from this stand have been verily the words of God, given to us by the voice of his servants.”
  • April 1930 General Conference
    • Conversion
      • “As a little girl I came feeling that if I could look on the face of President Brigham Young it was all the blessing I would ask. I might tell you that when I was married I felt if the Lord would give me enough bread and molasses to feed my children 1 should be content. For the benefit of the youth of Israel I will say that if President Young had asked me to abstain from eating any partcular kind of food or drink—I used to say if he had asked me to eat mush and milk all my days—I would have done it. That was because faith had been implanted in my heart by my father.”
      • “Naturally I am interested in the youth of Israel, and, oh, if I had the voice of an angel, as has been quoted here at this conference, if I could only tell every young man and young woman what it means to try to be a Latter-day Saint, I would be so happy in doing it. I do pray that the blessings of the Lord will rest upon the fathers and mothers, the guardians and teachers of the youth throughout the Church. Oh, may they live the Gospel and set such an example before their children that they, the children, will delight to follow them.”

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