Seymour B. Young

First Council of the Seventy (October 14, 1882 – December 15, 1924)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 1901 General Conference
    • A Bright Future
      • “I rejoice in the principles of the Gospel, because they are saving in their nature.”
      • “We must be a tried people; we must overcome temptation, and prove to the Lord whether through evil and through good report we will be faithful to His cause. We must be taught to shun the very appearance of evil, and we must teach our children to do the same. Our words and our actions must tend to the welfare of our fellow men, to the redemption of Zion, to the spread of the Gospel and the upbuilding of His kingdom in the earth, that a rule and reign of righteousness and purity may come to the earth—not through the absence of temptation, but through the power of His children to overcome and trample under foot all temptation.”
      • “The kingdom of God must come upon the earth. Peace must reign supreme. But before the kingdom of God can come, before peace can prevail, the people must be trained to love peace and union, to love the Lord, to love each other. They must love their neighbors as themselves, and their God above all. They must keep His laws, in order that this spirit of peace and brotherly love may be disseminated abroad from the rivers to the ends of the earth, and the way be prepared for Jesus to come and reign as Kings of kings and Lord of lords. The Gospel must be preached to every creature, for a witness, before the end of unrighteousness can come.”
  • October 1899 General Conference
    • Redemption of Zion
      • “Shortly after the death of the Prophet, the Lord declared, through Brigham Young—and I am inclined to believe that here again it was necessary to awaken the people, who, from their sorrow, had fallen almost into a condition of lethargy—the Lord declared through Brigham Young, the leader of the Church then, and the successor to the Prophet Joseph Smith, that unless the brethren and sisters laid hold of the work again in prosecuting their labors upon the Temple in Nauvoo, and finished it, tliat it might be dedicated to the Lord, they would be cut off with their dead. This aroused the Saints again to a sense of their duty to God and His cause, and they went to with their might, with their faith and works, never ceasing until they had completed that house and dedicated it, renewing, under the direction of President Brigham Young, the ordinances of God’s holy house and Temple, for the redemption of the living and the dead.”
      • “Therefore, this proves to me, my brethren and sisters, beyond the power of contradiction, that the Lord is ready to redeem Zion and to make His people a great power, and the head and front in the earth, through His grace, whenever they are prepared for it.”
  • April 1898 General Conference
    • Duties of the Seventies
      • “But we want to impress upon the minds of our brethren who preside over these quorums and those who are members of the same, and also upon the minds of the Elders the necessity of us all preparing ourselves to be better missionaries in the future than we have been able to send out in the past. We desire an improvement all the time.”
      • “We all need to repent every day of our lives, and we all need the spirit of repentance, and we all ought to cultivate this spirit of forgiveness one to another.”
      • “If you cannot get them to act with you, go to them and meet with them in their own houses and labor with them by their own firesides in the spirit of meekness and love unfeigned, seeking their welfare and salvation, and only desiring that through their repentance they may be forgiven, and learn to lay hold of the spirit of the Gospel.”
  • October 1897 General Conference
    • The Missionary Field
      • “I said that it did not require the wealth of great religious denominations, or the wealth of individuals, to spread the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ; that one living witness, with a testimony of the truth in his heart, could go forth and win his way among the people, and preach the Gospel to thousands; and the few that would embrace these principles, in their turn became witnesses for God; and the Gospel was continuously spread in this manner. Granting that to be true, said he, how much greater is your chance for spreading the Gospel with twelve hundred missionaries constantly in the field.”

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