Thorpe B. Isaacson

Assistant to the Quorum of Twelve Apostles (January 23, 1970 – November 9, 1970)
Counselor in the First Presidency (October 28, 1965 – January 18, 1970)
Assistant to the Quorum of Twelve Apostles (September 30, 1961 – October 28, 1965)
First Counselor in the Presiding Bishopric (April 6, 1952 – September 30, 1961)
Second Counselor in the Presiding Bishopric (December 12, 1946 – April 6, 1952)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 1949 General Conference
    • Palmyra Pageant a Great Missionary
      • “Prayer is indeed a privilege; it is indeed a blessing; and it is indeed a comfort. Prayer is not just a duty.”
      • “It was stated that no group of professionals in all the world could present that pageant as those humble missionaries presented it because their hearts and souls were in it and because they knew this story to be true. They were living that story; they were preaching that story; and for that reason great honor and credit is due those missionaries.”
  • April 1949 General Conference
    • Seek and Ye Shall Find
      • “Sometimes we are inclined to question whether it is revelation or inspiration, but that’s because sometimes our faith may waver. Nothing in the world can take the place of faith. Yes, good, sincere, simple faith. Talent will not—nothing is more common in our world than many unsuccessful men who have great talent. Genius will not—unrewarded genius by the score is almost a proverb. Education will not—the world is full of so-called educated men and even educated derelicts. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and in the mission of his Son is all-powerful.”
      • “We are coming to know that modern life lacks something. A man may have a bank full of money and a library full of books, but he cannot be happy without the Spirit of God. Man is coming to know that he cannot depend altogether on science. Man has learned at last that science has its limitations and that only God, our Father in heaven, is unlimited. At the point beyond which science cannot go, God stands unchangeable, now and forever.”
  • October 1948 General Conference
    • Repent and Be Saved
      • “I have come to believe that the only defense that we can have against the spirit of the adversary or against the spirit of the devil is the Spirit of the Lord. That is truly the great defense that we can have.”
      • “We can come near to our Father in heaven through that great principle of prayer and repentance. We have been known as a praying people. We are glad to be known as a praying people, because we believe in prayer.”
      • “May we draw nearer to the Lord each day, thank him for the blessings that we enjoy, try to serve him and keep his commandments with all the strength that we can muster, because therein lies the happiness of life and its fulness.”
  • April 1948 General Conference
    • The Way to Happiness
      • “There is an unseen power in every man’s life and that power comes from on high. It is the power that will help man rise above his own natural ability. We have been told at times that man cannot rise above his own natural ability, and I am sure that if we do that, we’ve done pretty well, but with the power and help of the Lord, men often rise far beyond their own natural ability.”
      • “I want to bear you my testimony that great joy comes into the souls of those who try to live the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. I want to repent of my wrongdoings before you this day and before my Maker. I want to tell you that I am grateful for the blessings of the Lord. I know that it will do our hearts good to try to live a little better today than we have in the past. That is our plan of improvement. The Lord has asked us to come unto him humbly and repent of our wrongdoings. Therein we can be made strong.”
      • “For a number of years, some of my friends have said that I was working too hard, and they cautioned me to take it a little easy, but now as I look back over the last fifteen years, the work I was doing was just play and fooling around compared with the work that I have to do in keeping up with my brethren of the General Authorities. I hope that you will pray for us as we pray for you.”
  • October 1947 General Conference
    • The Challenge to Youth
      • “One cannot teach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ without the Spirit of the Lord. I am convinced of that. One cannot be taught the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ without the Spirit of the Lord. I am convinced of that.”
      • “One cannot walk into that grove without feeling that spirit of reverence, that spirit of sacredness, the only spot, if my memory serves me right, where God and his son Jesus Christ both appeared at the same time, at the same place, and they spoke to that boy. Oh, that is a fact! You cannot go into the grove but what you feel that influence. It is different from any other wooded grove in all the world, because it is a sacred place and a hallowed spot.”
      • “Oh, we realize that the young people may make mistakes. Most of us have made mistakes in our lives. But may we also realize that those same young people, if they will only stay close to the Lord, the Lord will forgive his people for mistakes. I think if a father and a mother are so far away from their young people that their young people will not come to them and tell them about their problems, then there is something wrong between father and son and mother and daughter.”
  • April 1947 General Conference
    • A Testimony
      • “I would be very ungrateful to my brethren of the General Authorities, and particularly to my Father in heaven, if I failed to thank him publicly for the opportunity that I have had of knowing these men personally. They have been most kind to me, most encouraging, most patient. They have attempted to make me feel welcome, and they have put themselves out to extend to me many kindnesses for which I am grateful. I came to them a stranger, and they took me in.”
      • “If it were in my power, I would like to say a word to my brethren who are somewhat inactive in the Church. I know many of these good men, and I wish I could appeal to them to become more active in the Church because I am satisfied that they are really missing some of the greatest blessings and the greatest happiness in the world.”
      • “I don’t know any other way to stay close to our Father in heaven except by prayer.”

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