William J. Critchlow

Assistant to the Quorum of Twelve Apostles (October 11, 1958 – August 30, 1968)

General Conference Addresses

  • April 1959 General Conference
    • Happiness
      • “These people have certain characteristics in common. Friendliness is one of them; humility is surely another; the hospitality of their leaders is another which I have greatly enjoyed. But the outstanding characteristic, it seems to me, is happiness. Their countenances literally radiate happiness. They seem to have left all of their worries and troubles at home. They obviously came to conference to feast, spiritually, of course, and they seem to delight in paying their devotions.”
      • “Our Heavenly Father loves us. I love my children dearly, but his love for us, his spirit children, is infinite, divine.”
      • “Ignorance is no excuse for violating civil laws; perhaps our Heavenly Father may not accept it as an excuse for violating his laws.”
  • October 1958 General Conference
    • A New Call
      • “My brothers and sisters, I have a strong testimony of the gospel. I have that conviction which President Richards spoke of yesterday, that President David O. McKay is a prophet of God, and I so sustain him. I love that man. We love him in Ogden. All Weber County loves him. He is our own. He is from Weber County and maintains a part time residence there. And we loved his brother, whose place I seem to be taking among the Assistants to the Twelve. I hope that in time the people of Weber County may come to respect and love me as they loved Thomas E. McKay.”
      • “Happiness, much of it, is a by-product of service.”

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