Edward Hunter

Presiding Bishop (April 7, 1851 – October 16, 1883)

Reported Addresses

  • Persecutions and Agency of the Saints, Temple Square, April 6, 1853
    • “The might of Jehovah will preserve us. The Lord God will sustain us, and, if so be we should be scattered as hitherto, He will gather us in greater power, greater numbers, with increased ability to perform His work upon the earth.”
    • “Let all people, sinners, mobocrats, and devils, learn from experience that persecution, plunder, robbery, rapine, murder, and expulsion from home and country, will not win. They have effectually tried this plan, and it has as effectually failed every time. Please take notice! And devise some new scheme the next time, wherein you can feel some assurance, that you may possibly succeed, and we have the pleasure of not being plundered, murdered, and disfranchised in the same old way. Tax your inventive genius for some broader scheme to destroy God’s people from the face of the earth.”
    • “Do you realize that upon yourselves, in a great measure, depends your future prosperity, the prosperity of Zion’s cause, the extension and advancement of the cause of truth in the world?”
    • “Do you remember the history of the Gadiantons, as told in the Book of Mormon? We are surrounded by their descendants. Those loathsome, effeminate specimens of humanity, which we daily see in our midst, are their children, low, degraded, sunken to the lowest depths of human existence.”
    • “I am aware that the devil raves and grows angry when the Saints prepare to build a temple, I am aware that he rummages every nook and corner, to gain the ascendancy, seduce away, stir up strife, contention, and to hinder the progress of the work; he seeks to lull into a false security, the vigilance of the Saints; to cool their ardor, check their efforts, and render them fruitless; to cause them to neglect their duties, grow luke-warm and indifferent towards the cause of God.”

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