Jedediah M. Grant

Second Counselor in the First Presidency (April 7, 1854 – December 1, 1856)
First Seven Presidents of the Seventy (December 2, 1845 – April 7, 1854)

Reported Addresses

  • Instructions to New Comers, Discourse in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, September 24, 1854
    • “I am no more religious today than yesterday. I am equally as religious in the canyons hauling wood as in the pulpit; and if I were going to swear in either place, I should prefer the pulpit to swear in; consequently, I consider that a man should live his religion in all places, and under all circumstances and situations in life.”
    • “I will tell you one thing, if you neglect to pray, neglect to watch, neglect to do your duty, and to serve your God for yourselves, you will be apt to become dissatisfied, disheartened, and dispirited, and wish to go back from whence you came.”
    • “You must calculate that here we are a practical people; a people who believe in their religion, and are good Saints; who do their work, and attend to their prayers in the season thereof; and are not so much in a hurry in the morning, but that they can kneel down and consecrate their families, their effects, themselves and all they have, to the Most High God.”
  • Apostasy, Remarks in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, June 28, 1854
    • “There are some things we know by seeing, and other things we know by hearing, tasting, smelling, etc.; but the light of the Eternal Spirit that brought us out of darkness into the Church of God is the great abiding testimony of this people.”
    • “I gave you my advice in relation to the proper time a man ought to apostatize. My advice was that he should never apostatize in a dark and cloudy day – never when he felt bad – never because he felt hard towards his brother or brethren in the Church; but when he apostatizes, he should wait for a clear day, when every thing around him is prospering; and then before he apostatizes he should ask counsel.”
  • Uniformity, Remarks in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, August 7, 1853
    • “Precisely not one practical point of the religion has changed; but we as a people may be fluctuating, but our religion changeth not. You see some of our men want to go to California for gold – they want to do this, and to do that; but the people generally are right at home.”
    • “But you must look in the last days for a kingdom that in its commencement will be the least of all, and is compared to the mustard seed. If then it is the smallest of all kingdoms, we need not look for a large church like the church of Rome, or the English church, but like a mustard seed; look for that, and it will grow and become the largest of all herbs, so that the birds of the air will shelter in it.”
    • “Mark you, your peace has not come yet, for Lucifer is not yet bound; and while the earth is is fearfully convulsed because of the wickedness on its face, the nations will gather themselves and make an effort to wrest the kingdom from the Saints, and destroy them root and branch.”

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