John C. Pingree Jr.

General Authority Seventy (April 1, 2017 – present)

General Conference Addresses

  • October 2017 General Conference
    • I Have a Work for Thee
      • “God has important work for each of us.”
      • “These divine assignments are not reserved for a privileged few but are for all of us—regardless of gender, age, race, nationality, income level, social status, or Church calling. Every one of us has a meaningful role to play in furthering God’s work.”
      • “As we discover our gifts, we have a responsibility to develop them.”
      • “Our trials help us discover and prepare for the work Heavenly Father has for us.”
      • “Rely on God. When we ask Him in faith with real intent, He will reveal our divine assignments to us.”
      • “Sin is perhaps our greatest stumbling block, dulling our sensitivity to the Holy Ghost and restricting our access to spiritual power.”

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